Posted by: martysweather | March 20, 2009

3/20/2009 @ 7:00AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Did you hear that big noise this morning about 16 minutes before 7 O’clock. That was the sound of the Sun crossing the Equator. We stood the test of Winter’s Snow, Ice, Freezing Rain, Wind, and generally just about everything this past Winter you could think of. Yes we even had Tornado’s and Thunderstorms to round out the season. But, that’s all over with now and it’s smooth sailing, right. WRONG, but the next few days look nice however. We did catch a break and miss the Rain showers yesterday although some folks did see a little rain here and there. Today is Sunny and just a tad cool with a light North Wind. We should see 60 or 62 for the High however. With our mostly clear sky look for about 32 tonight with some light Frost. The Humidity is low however so the Frost will not be heavy and what mud we still have here and there is going to be getting scarce by the end of the day. Saturday looks like another fine Spring day and likely 62 or maybe a bit warmer in the Southern Region.Now for the facts.

We had no precipitation recorded for the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is 33 degrees and rising to 62 today locally. Low tonight of 32 and we are aiming for 62 on Saturday.

Barometer is 30.30″ and Steady now after a generous rise. We will be stable for a few days.

Humidity is 70%, low for this hour of the day and we look to be even drier as the day wears on. No complaint from me.

Wind is North at a gentle 2 mph. Not looking for a lot of wind today so even with cooler temps we will feel fine. Sometime around Sunday the Southerly shift should start to warm us up even more.

The Sky is Clear and deep Blue this morning in the dry air.

The Summary for today is Fair and Cool at 62 degrees. Fair and Cold tonight at 32 degrees. Fair and 62 tomorrow. Not bad for the first day of Spring. Have a good day.


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