Posted by: martysweather | March 21, 2009

3/21/2009 @ 7:00AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Sun abounds this morning but it was Colder last night than I expected, someone didn’t get the memo I guess. We woke up to a 28 degree morning and a Light Frost. We plan to warm up quickly though with this abundance of sunshine and light winds which may try to sneak around to the South here after while. There is a bit of Weather to the West of us in Arkansas that will send us a few clouds but I think we will have a dry day again and in fact the entire weekend looks to be pretty near perfect for early Spring. The next real threat of Rain comes later on Tuesday and Wednesday which could see a few Storms so we have that to watch out for. Thursday thru Sunday have some rain chances but I hope that kinda fizzles out. The problem is there is a ton of weather over the Pacific when you look at the Satellite pictures and that all has to go somewhere. But we can’t complain about what we have today and tomorrow. Now lets look at he facts.

We had once again no rain in the last 24 hours.
Temperature was a cool 28 degrees at 7 AM but we should see 62 or 64 today. 40 degrees for the Low tonight and about 68 on Sunday. We are trending warmer and it’s Spring so we will get wet before it all ends up. Sunday night Low not lower than 45 or so.

Barometer is 30.35″ this morning and Steady now but we will slowly start to fall of that reading and the Pressure trend will be down for a few days. Barometer watchers might want to watch that pressure about mid week as we become more unstable and see some Storm chances.

Humidity is 85% and we have some Frost on the ground. That is a bit Higher than yesterday and I suspect we will see some Southerly breezes and some Clouds.

Wind is Calm this morning but will likely start picking up from the South but not expecting anything but gentle wind speeds for a couple of days.

The Sky is clear this morning but we can expect some off and on clouds this weekend but still more Sun than Clouds.

The summary for this Weekend is Fair and Warmer with 64 degrees today and 68 on Sunday. A few clouds. Low tonight of 40 degrees and 46 on Sunday night. No more frost for a while for you Flower lovers.Not bad for this time of year. We have some stuff to watch next week but take a little time to enjoy what we have. See you in Church and have a great weekend.


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