Posted by: martysweather | March 24, 2009

3/24/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We have a breezy but warm day ahead today as we anticipate rain and hopefully non severe thunderstorms late tonight. I see a few clouds but also a lot of sky this morning and with the sun and South wind I believe 75 degrees is a real possibility. The rain tonight should end by mid day on Wednesday but still we have generally unsettled and rainy weather persisting until the first of next week. Meanwhile we have a new baby in the house and old Benji has a new sissy. Paula rescued a pound puppy (actually about 2 years old but still not very big) from the Humane Association that looks just like our little dog we got 25 years ago when we first were married. That first little doggie lived a long time but she’s been gone over 10 years and Paula had always been on the hunt for another baby like her little “Sugar”. Now we have “Minnie” and I will try to post a picture soon. Benji was surprisingly enough glad to have a companion and is being a gentleman, at least so far. Now for the facts at 7 AM.

We had no rain in the last 24 hours.
Temperature is 48 degrees and headed to 75 or better today and with clouds and likely rain only down to 55 tonight.

Barometer is 30.15″ and has been steady over night but likely to fall some more with the approaching front. Need to watch that for determining how strong our storms will be tonight.

Humidity is 85% which is about the same as yesterday and about average for this time of day. We will have a higher humidity level today even during the heating of the day. Dew Points in the 60’s are likely.

Wind is South at 2 mph early this morning but look for strong gusty winds today and tonight.

Sky is Mostly Clear with a few clouds but more clouds as the day wears on. Wednesday looks to be cloudy.

The summary for today is Fair but with increasing clouds. Warm and 75 degrees or more. Rain and Thunderstorms late tonight and early Wednesday. Low tonight about 55 degrees. Rain likely on and off for next several days. Now I have to make sure Benji gets plenty of attention and make sure Minnie gets loved and adjusted to her new home. Thank God she is house broken and has been really good so far, she slept all night in her crate and I never heard a whimper. Anyway I’ll be busy today. Have a good one yourself.


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