Posted by: martysweather | March 28, 2009

3/28/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Don’t you just love those warm sunny Spring Saturday mornings, unfortunately this isn’t one of them. We have lucked out in that we didn’t have any Thunder last night but we have a lot in front of us this morning. The light persistent rain we are having this morning will continue throughout a good part of the day and since the ground is saturated and their is a threat of heavier rain a Flash Flood Watch is in effect for the Southern Region until Sunday morning. The threat for Severe Weather is being driven by the fact that a Low pressure area over Oklahoma along with a trailing Warm front is going to pass through the State of Tennessee today. That along with the heating of the day and the slightly cooler air we have in place now is going to be a recipe for some Thunder Storm cells. Currently the threat of Severe Weather is only rated “Slight” but I always say that “Slight Chances become Strong Chances when the Storm comes to your house.” So we need to watch the weather most of the day. This should clear out some by Sunday afternoon and Monday may be Sunny, but as much as I hate to have to say it I think we have some Rain chances almost everyday next week. I hope that changes some. Now for the facts.

We have reported .27″ of rain for the last 24 hours. .17″ of that during the over night.
Temperature at 7 AM is 58 degrees and headed to 70 today. Cooler at 50 on Sunday and a chilly night Sunday the 30’s.

Barometer is 29.65″ and Steady now but that’s really Low so we could have a round of Thunder chances.

Humidity is 100% with Fog and Rain in the area and more on the way. Our wet Winter has continued into a wet Spring, at least for the first week.

Wind is East at 5 mph. Watch for a Southerly wind to indicate the Warm front passing by.

Sky is Cloudy and Foggy. Look for a lot of Clouds all weekend.

The Summary for this weekend is Rain today with Storm Chances. High of 70 Saturday and Flash Flood Watch for the Lower areas. More Rain tonight, heavy at times. Cooler Sunday at 50 degrees with Rain ending at some point on Sunday. Low Sunday night of 35 or so. Hopefully we have some Sun on Monday but the long range forecast has a lot of Rain chances in it. Try to have a good weekend. See you in Church on Sunday.


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