Posted by: martysweather | March 31, 2009

3/31.2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

There is a serious shortage of sun this morning but maybe we can end the month on the warm side anyway. The meter reader will be here in a few days to read the electric meter and hopefully after several months of heating bills we can catch a break. The furnace has run some but not all that much in March. It would be nice to have a couple of months before the cooling bills start coming in. We have officially started the never ending chore of grass mowing and I’m feeling the pain this morning. I can ride all day but that weed eater will be the death of me one day. Now before I ramble to much we do have some weather this morning and it looks like I won’t be mowing today. In fact right now at 7:25 AM I hear some lightening static on my 62 year old Tube Radio and Missy is looking at me as the thunder starts to roll over the house. We have showers in the area and apparently some thunder showers as well. The chance for storms is greater this afternoon and tonight but so far the guru’s don’t anticipate any severe weather today. Thursday may see a severe threat however. I do personally however think if you are generating lightening at 7:30 in the morning then once the heating of the day kicks in you could have some stronger Thunder storms. Apparently there is plenty of “fuel” in the atmosphere this morning. The Barometer is hovering at 29.90″ this morning so we have enough instability to allow storm development. But all Thunderstorms are not Severe so maybe what we will have is “March going out like a Lion.” March came in with a Snow storm by the way, March has it all. Now for the facts for today.

We reported .02″ of rain for the last 24 hours. Due to a light shower at first light. More rain to the West was visible while me and the guys were outside.
Temperature at 7 AM is 48 degrees. We should see 65 or so for a High but it will feel cool with the rain we have coming in. Low tonight of 45 or so. No frost tonight and in 2 more weeks we likely can forget about frost until sometime in October.

Barometer is 29.90″ and starting to fall a tad more. We already have some Thunder here this morning so it will be a good day to stay indoors.

Humidity is 85% and getting wetter as the rain picks up this afternoon.

The sky is fully overcast this morning with curtains of rain from some fairly heavy showers just to our West. Looking for the Sun again by mid day on Wednesday, but that will not last long.

The summary for today is Cloudy with Rain showers and some Thunder Storms. High of 65 and Low tonight of 45. Rain heavier this afternoon and evening then ending after mid night. Fair on Wednesday but Clouds return late on Wednesday. Have a good day.


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