Posted by: martysweather | April 1, 2009

4/1/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Don’t be any one’s April Fool. Get out and get some of this Sun today. We managed to sneak by without any of the Showers or Storms Tuesday afternoon but about mid night last night we got a brief but hefty shower that left us wet this morning but it’s drying off quickly. Thursday afternoon looks like our next chance for Stormy weather so we will be on the look out for what is ahead but we have grass to mow and chores that need to be done today. This is Wednesday so between 11 and 11:30 you can expect your NOAA weather radio to go off for the weekly test. If it doesn’t you need to see what is the problem. They do plan to test today because there is a note to that effect on their web page. Now for the facts for today.

We reported .15″ of rain for the last 24 hours.
Temp. at 7 AM is 40 degrees. Cooler than I expected but not to bad and quickly warming to about 70 for a High. Low tonight of 45 or so with gathering Clouds holding our temperature up over night. High on Thursday of 72 degrees.

Barometer is 30.00″ this morning and still rising. But a drop in pressure is on the way later today and Thursday as a storm system passes through here on Thursday.

Humidity is 80% this morning and even with the damp grass this morning that is low for this hour. The air behind that shower last night was dry. Humidity will be on the up swing later today.

Wind is Calm this morning but will be swinging south later this morning.

The summary for today is Fair and Sunny, Warm at 70 degrees. Increasing clouds and 45 tonight. Cloudy and possible storms by mid day on Thursday. It’s most decidedly spring in Tennessee and that’s no Fooling. Have a good one.


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