Posted by: martysweather | April 3, 2009

4/3/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We are still standing this morning but we are standing in a lot of rain water. There were numerous pockets of Severe Weather yesterday that will likely be determined to have been caused by Tornado’s. The Survey teams from NWS will be out today to do their evaluations. It’s not a “Tornado” until the survey is done.Bedford County escaped with just some Thunder and Lightening and a lot of rain. We have reports of some downed trees, likely from the heavy rain , and Garrison Creek in the Wartrace area is flooding. I need to thank Bill Tucker, WB4CMA, for taking over the Net control at the EMA office for me so I could be home with my little Missy when she came home from the Vet. Our Public Storm Shelters were open from 330 until 9PM last night. The County did buy him supper however. That’s the longest deployed opening of the Shelters since the program began. The Storm’s hit here in 3 separate waves about a hour apart. Today should see clearing but cooler weather. Saturday looks to be warm and Sunny so maybe we can mow a bit more grass. Next chance for storms is Sunday. Next week looks to be cooler at least for the first half and a few frost chances early in the week.And before I forget, this Sunday is Palm Sunday and Tennessee and Alabama have a history of Severe Weather on Palm Sunday so I think while it may just be my superstition it’s worth being prepared. Now for the soggy facts for this fine Friday morning.

We reported 2.04″ of Rain to the NWS and the folks at CoCoRahs.
Temperature is 49deg. Cool and damp outside. Looking to hit 60 degrees today if the Sun ever makes it out of the Clouds. Low tonight of about 39 with clearing sky. Saturday and Sunday in the 70’s.

Barometer has made it up to 29.60″ and is rising. We had some low pressure readings last night but hopefully we can get back to 30 plus soon

Humidity is 80% and the Cooler air is dry. We have a lot of water standing around however.

Wind is West at a still gusty 10 mph this morning. Looks to be gusty today but easing up this evening. Saturday afternoon the Shift South will set us up for another Rain chance

Sky is Cloudy but gradual clearing today and tonight. Saturday looks mostly sunny.

The summary for today is Cloudy and cool. Gradual clearing as the day progresses. High of 60 and Low of 39 tonight. Sunny and 72 degrees on Saturday. Hope everyone is well this morning.


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