Posted by: martysweather | April 4, 2009

4/4/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Missy is a tad on the sore side this morning, I guess we did to much yesterday. She can’t manage the steps this morning and is moving slow. Benji is wanting to play and he can’t understand why she feels bad. Missy is eating some and drinking some and not apparently running a fever so the Doc says she just needs a little recuperation time after all she had major internal surgery less than 48 hours ago. The weather is cool but shaping up really nice outside this morning, not very many Clouds just a smidgen of Fog. That word Smidgen was a favorite of my Granny. It drives my spell checker crazy however. A Smidgen is a little less than a Tad if I remember it correctly. We look for 70 degrees here in the Southern Region and with our North wind shifting to the South. Clouds on the increase later today and another round of rain and non Severe Thunderstorms during the day on Sunday. Sunday night could see a brief round of Stronger storms just in advance of some much Cooler air that sends us back to the brink of Winter on Monday. The High temperature on Sunday could reach 78 degrees. The first half of next week we will struggle to get out of the 40’s. The latter half of next week looks to be Showery again so I guess we better mow a little grass today. Just in case you haven’t noticed the trees are starting to fill with leaves again and the birds are singing with a ever increasing volume. Soon the Cold weather will be a thing of the past and not to long after that we will be struggling with the Hot weather of Summer. Now lets look at those facts for today.

We had no rain to report for the last 24 hours,
Temperature at 7 AM is a cool 34 degrees but we are headed to 70 today maybe even warmer at your house. Low tonight of 50 then 78 on Sunday and down to 40 Sunday night.

Barometer has finally struggled up to 30.05″ and while still rising now we look for another drop later today and Sunday.

Humidity is 100% with Fog and light Frost in the low spots. The Sun will burn the Fog off quickly but we are getting a fresh batch of moist air from the South today.

Wind is Calm early but Shifting to the South at 5 to 10 mph. More gusty winds on Sunday. Monday we start to Shift North again with much colder air.

The Sky is Clear on top of the Fog, we will have lots of Sun today. Clouds return tonight. We will remain cloudy until Tuesday at least.

The summary for this weekend is, Fair and Warm Saturday then Clouds and warmer still on Sunday with Rain and Thunder Chances. Stronger Storms Sunday night and turning cooler. Cold snap for the first of the week. Hope to see you in Church on Sunday, have a great day today and just keep a eye on things Sunday afternoon.


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