Posted by: martysweather | April 7, 2009

4/7/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Depending on where you are this morning there is a little bit of Snow on the house tops and even on the sides of the road. I just was listening to reports from some Ham Radio guys going to work over near Tullahoma in Coffee County reporting a bit of snow here and there. Meanwhile it looks like Sunshine is breaking out after a early morning spell of cloudiness. The “Official Version” of the forecast is calling for 44 degrees but if this Sun stays out we could be close to 50 for the High here in the Southern Region. We had .08″ in the rain bucket and that makes .17″ total since this last wet spell started. We should have enough Sun to dry that up and Wednesday looks Sunny and 66 degrees. The Lake at Normandy is full and the water table here is just below ground level so we don’t need any rain for a couple of weeks, we just don’t need it to stop completely. Thursday there is talk of more Thunder shower chances. With these clearing skies there will be another Freeze Warning tonight as we go back down to 32 degrees tonight. We start warming up again after tonight, The cold spells are getting shorter and the Sun gets a little bit higher every day. Now for the facts for this chilly Tuesday morning.

We have .08″ of water in the CoCoRahs gauge this morning. Some fell as sleet last night but it melted. Our overnight low was 32 but only briefly.
Temperature at 7 AM is 33 degrees headed to 44 or 48 depending on where you are and who you believe. Low tonight of 31 likely with a Freeze Watch for your tender plants.

Barometer is 30.00″ and Rising. Look for a rise to continue until mid day Thursday. We have another chance for Thunder showers or storms on Thursday and Thursday night.

Humidity is 80% and look for that to drop today and we can dry out a bit before the next round of rain chances.

Wind is West at 8 mph this morning and that will continue today. No shift before late on Wednesday.

The Sky is Clear here at 7 AM and while there may be a few clouds from time to time we will have a lot of Sun today. Some clouds on Wednesday.

The Summary for today is Clearing but still cool with a West wind. cold tonight with Frost in some places. Wednesday looks like Spring returns and we can fire up the tractor tomorrow. Have a good day.


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