Posted by: martysweather | April 10, 2009

4/10/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Rumbles of Thunder this morning and likely another round this afternoon. The middle part of the day might not be to bad. The next round of Storms is still over Missouri but they are moving along at a pretty good clip. Additionally more storms could break out in advance of that as the Sun starts to heat up the atmosphere. A gust front dropped in Maury County this morning at about 4:15 and fanned out across parts of the mid-state area doing a good deal of damage but I didn’t see any evidence of that here in Bedford County. The timing on our next round of Storms is a bit on the iffy side. The Weather this morning was traveling so fast that by the time Warnings could be issued for 1 location the storm had moved on beyond the warned area. The stuff out West doesn’t look to be moving that fast but it’s moving at a good clip. Also it’s hard to be sure where the pop up storms will form as the day heats up. Daybreak is revealing a mostly cloudy sky but there are some breaks, we likely will see some Sun before the rain returns. It’s to wet for me and the guys to take our morning stroll in fact Missy hasn’t even come out of her Crate yet. She has a big fluffy bed in there with high sides and a fleece blanket she snuggles up in and I guess she has the best bed in the house. Most of the TV and Radio stations as well as the NWS are calling for a Severe Weather Outbreak this afternoon. So….we watch and wait. I’m going to grab a nap this morning since I got up a 3:45. Now for the facts.

We have received .47″ of rain from a early morning storm between 4 and 5 AM.
Temperature at 7 AM is 51 degrees. The rain cooled us off from the 55 we had before the storm this morning. We will see some Sun today and maybe make 70 for the High. The Low tonight will be determined by the rain but look for mid 40’s.

Barometer is Steady at 29.75″. This may fall more later so we have to keep a watch on the pressure.

Humidity is 98% largely from our nearly 1/2 inch of rain in less than a hour this morning. We will be wet throughout today.

Wind is East at 2 mph this morning. We had a bit of a shift after the rain but looking for a shift back to Southwest and it will be gusty.

Sky is Mostly Cloudy but look for some Sun during the mid day and more clouds later.

The summary for today is Mostly Cloudy after early morning storms. More possibly Severe Weather on the way this afternoon. There are a lot of question marks about what today will bring so keep that NOAA Weather Radio in Alert Mode and check your TV for weather updates. If we can make it through today the weekend looks nice. Stay safe and try to have a good day.


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