Posted by: martysweather | April 15, 2009

4/15/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

There was a couple of brief periods yesterday when I thought the Sun was going to kick in and brighten up the day but then only have our hopes dashed to pieces. Today by the afternoon sometime I believe Sunshine will return to our land and Springtime will lift our spirits and brighten our outlook even as we pay our Taxes. Certainly if not today Thursday will be mostly Sunny and close to 70 degrees as will Friday and I’m planning to work on my Farmers Sun tan. We have a double whammy today in having to pay Taxes and having to work a Funeral at Church this afternoon. It’s true that the only 2 things that are truly certain and the 2 things we all have in common are Death and Taxes and I have both of them going on today. We lost our last surviving charter member of our Church this week at age 95. I would be happy if I make it to 95. I do wonder if Mrs. Segroves paid her Taxes before she died. I’m sure if she didn’t the government will still manage to get theirs. I guess I’m in a dark mood today but these things usually pass after a day or two. Now on to the weather and the facts for today.

We have no precipitation to report today.
The temperature at 7 AM is 44 heading to about 62 today for the High and a Low of 40 or so tonight depending on how much clearing of the sky we get.

Barometer is up to 30.10″ and will continue to rise before it levels out for a few days of stable dry weather.

Humidity is 75% this morning. No dew either mostly since we had a gentle breeze overnight to keep the air stirred up.

Wind is Northwest at 3 mph. We will continue to see a gentle 5 to 10 mph today and tonight. Shifting to the East and then Southeast on Thursday.

Sky is Overcast this morning and we will be Mostly Cloudy today but more and more we will be slowly clearing this afternoon and Thursday is looking mostly Sunny.

The Summary for today is Cloudy and cool with gradual clearing. High of 62 and low tonight of 40. Mostly Sunny and 70 on Thursday. Next rain chances are Saturday afternoon and Sunday so do your chores before the week end. We will try to be more cheerful tomorrow, meanwhile you have a good day.

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