Posted by: martysweather | April 21, 2009

4/21/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Sometimes Weather just Fizzles out. And yesterday afternoon the Sky cleared and we had a beautiful evening. This morning is Sunny at 7 O’clock and only a few Clouds. We had a sprinkle or two sometime overnight because we picked up .02″ of Rain. We likely see a few Clouds today but not for too long and we could see a brief Shower but many folks will not. Tonight we cool off to the Low 30’s and then Wednesday the Barn Door is open for several Warm Sunny Rain and Storm Free Days. Looking for some 80’s by the end of the week. The big Air Mass out West that gave Southern California 100 degrees yesterday is drifting our way. This will be our first dose of Heat this year and the Trees which are nearly fully leafed out will be full by this time next week. Wally world and the other Big Box Retailers will sell some flowers this weekend. So if you see a few Cloudy periods and maybe a Shower today don’t worry for long because it’s looking really nice for the rest of the week. Now for the facts.

We measured .02″ of rain this morning.
Temperature at 7 AM is 45 and headed quickly to 67 for the High. A fast Cold front drops us to 38 over night and then back to 70 for the High on Wednesday.

Barometer is still hanging at 29.90″ as we do have a Frontal Boundary out to the West that has to pass through here today. By Wednesday look for a big rise.

Humidity is 90% but look for that to fall off over the next couple of days as we warm up and Dry out for a few days.

Wind is still West at 5 mph this morning and will be Gusty at some point as this Front comes through. My Granny always said a West wind was a waste. It is not Hot or Cold but since it’s not Cold we are not complaining.

The Summary for today is Look for a period of Clouds and some Showers at some point but still a nice day. After today it’s smooth Sailing thru the weekend. Have a good one.


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