Posted by: martysweather | April 23, 2009

4/23/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We are looking at a beautiful Spring morning and anticipating another great day with maybe a wrinkle in it but I would not let that interfere with any plans and we will just roll with what we get. I think what we will get here is 80 degrees and maybe just a chance of a shower. The Warm air mass to our West that has heated the Southwest earlier in the week is approaching as a Warm Front. As this Front passes through like most fronts we see a little disturbed weather. But, after it takes control of our area of the world we will have a weekend of well above normal temperatures. There are a few clouds in the sky this morning and the old Barometer has not made any major move up yet, or down for that matter. The Warm Air mass should be firmly entrenched by tonight and Friday would be a good day to come down with a case of Fridayitis. That’s a terrible condition that makes it nearly impossible to do anything but, shop, Golf,Fish,Relax, or simply drop off the Radar for maybe as much as 72 hours. My Wife says there is no cure for it but millions of dollars of research have been spent so far. The Bird feeder will have to be restocked today, again. The Birds must have a newsletter or something because we are a hot spot for winged wild life this Spring. There is even a flock of Canadian Geese that have been lounging around the Pond for a couple of weeks and so far don’t seem to be interested in moving on up North. I don’t really blame them. Well we got to get some work done so here are the facts for our Thursday morning.

We had no precipitation during the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is 50 degrees but you had to look fast to see it because it’s quickly going to about 80 today. Low of 50 or so tonight and we will top 80 on Friday.

Barometer is steady at 30.10″ but that’s keeping us Storm Free and tranquil. Looking for a rise and several days of Fair weather.

Humidity at 80% this morning. That’s average for this time of the morning but on the low side. We are drying out nicely. Some garden’s and fields will see some work over the next few days.

Wind is Calm at & 7 AM but will be Southerly at 5 to 10 mph.

The Sky is mostly Clear but we have some Clouds. We will have more Sun than Clouds today and all the Sun you could ask for for the Weekend.

The Summary for today is Mostly Sunny with a chance of a Shower. A lot of people may not see any rain. Temp’s warm in the 80 degree neighborhood. Mild tonight with shower chances ending late. You should not let a little Warm Front shower dampen your spirits so have a good day. We will try to carry on from here and see you on Friday.


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