Posted by: martysweather | April 24, 2009

4/24/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We did have a few rumbles of Thunder yesterday from some Non Severe Thundershowers that passed near here but I only felt a few sprinkles and there is not a drop in the old Rain Gauge this morning so we are Officially Reporting only a Trace Amount to the Weather Service. Some people didn’t even get that and then some folks over in Rutherford County had a heavy shower and a little bit of Hail. That all moved on past and we are firmly now in the grip of a Warm and soon to be Hot air mass. We had to resort to the Air Conditioner yesterday and we will likely have to run it all weekend. I checked the Calendar it is just a little over 3 weeks into April but I thought maybe it was Mid June for awhile yesterday afternoon. The guys in Nashville are calling for about 86 for a High in the Southern Region today. We had 84 here yesterday. I tend to agree with their prediction but I know there will be a pocket somewhere that pushes that 90 degree mark. If we hit 90 in April I guess we will be completely consumed by July. It should be kinda windy later today with some gusty conditions. Wind mostly from the South. Our Humidity is dropping and with the Heat and wind we will and already have transitioned into a Wild Fire danger. The Doggies are glad to be House dogs, Benji has always had a affinity for the AC and I don’t know if Missy has had any previous experience with AC but she is appearing to be liking it so far. Twenty or so years ago we had a pair of Dobermans that were outside dogs. We were more rural then than we are now since we didn’t have any neighbors. Hot or cold snow or rain they lived outdoors and slept in a pair of real nice dog houses. But I always worried when we were having weather extremes that if they ever stuck their noses in the house and saw how nice we had it compared to them that they would eat us, literally. At 80 pounds apiece they could have too. Now for the Hot facts for today.

We had a Trace of Rain in the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is 65 and climbing to 86 today. Low of 60 tonight and then 86 or so again on Saturday.

Barometer is 30.20″ and may be still rising. We will maintain strong stable pressure for a few days.

Humidity is only 70% at 7 AM and dropping as the morning warms up. Low Humidity for a few days drying us up quickly. The local Newspaper reported yesterday that the Normandy Reservoir was at Summer Pool Level so we have been getting enough Rain to erase the Drought Conditions we had for the last couple of years.

Wind is South at 2 mph but will be breezy and gusty later.

The Sky is Mostly Clear and we will have Sun and some Fair weather Clouds but mostly sun. Virtually no chance of Rain for the next 24 hours.

The Summary for Friday is Hot and Dry and Windy in the afternoon. High of 86 and Low tonight of 60. Thank God for the Cool evenings. We are in a Summer spell of weather and it’s just April. I wonder what we will be like when Summer really gets here. Have a good day.


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