Posted by: martysweather | April 27, 2009

4/27/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We are yet continuing in our extended spell of absolutely fantastic weather. Today the Sun comes up early as Monday’s dawn yields to another Hot Spring day. This stretch of dry weather has been a welcome opportunity for local Agriculture folks and you could see farmers working from early morning until well into the evening for the last several days. The same people who wondered if things would ever dry up are now hoping the Rain cycle doesn’t come to a end and lead into another drought. Well don’t worry guys because we have several days of Rain Shower chances this week. We will after today enter into a period of more typical Spring weather with mild days and the 20 to 40 percent Rain shower chances on a daily basis. There will still be plenty of opportunities to do work between the showers and I don’t right now foresee a wash out or Severe Weather for a few days. The Plains and Mid West have had storms all week end and while that weather is drifting our way it is loosing a lot of it’s punch as it enters our dry air. Late today we will see clouds increase and a transition begins. We did get to test out the AC for a few days and it looks like Missy likes it but she still wants to hit the door every chance she gets. Now since it’s Monday and we all have a lot to do let us look at the facts.

We have not had any rain for the last 48 hours. Or dew for that matter in our low Humidity.
Temperature is 61 degrees at 7 AM and with quick warm up I see us hitting 84 to 86 for the High. We have briefly hit 86 the last two days. And some people saw some 88’s. I look for another Cool 60 degree night with increasing Clouds.

Barometer is 30.30″ and Steady this morning. We will see a fall off in the Barometer today but hopefully not a big drop.

Humidity is 70% in the Cool of the morning at 7 AM but we have run 20 to 30 percent Humidity during the Heat of the day. We will see some increase over the next few days but for the time being the dry air will lessen our Shower chances to 20 percent and relieve most Storm chances.

The Sky is mostly clear this morning but Clouds will be on the increase tonight. Today will be a continuation of the weekend weather. Tuesday may be mostly cloudy, but we will be more able to confirm that in the morning.

The Wind is still firmly out of the South at 6 mph this morning. We should have yet another breezy day. Not looking for a Wind Shift anytime soon. We may fall of those mid 80 temps but we will not have any Cold snaps for awhile.

The Summary for today is Hot and Dry. High of 84 today Low of 60 tonight with a increase of Clouds tonight. Cooler tomorrow with upper 70’s and Clouds and some slight rain Chances. We could actually need a bit of rain by Tuesday. Get through your Monday as best you can. Have a good day.


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