Posted by: martysweather | April 29, 2009

4/29/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We have scattered showers in the area this morning so it’s looking like we may have a better chance of some Rain today. The NWS is raising the chance to 60%. So far we haven’t had a drop and missed what ever was around yesterday. In fact it got considerably warmer than I really expected. We had 84 for the High and the Humidity was on the Rise and you could feel the effects of it. This morning we have 90% Humidity at 7 AM and the increase in moisture is driving our increasing shower chances. The good news continues to be that there is little chance of Severe Weather for today. Friday we could see some increased Storm chances late day especially to the North West of here and the first of next week is looking active so as we get into the month of May we might see some more rough weather. It’s cloudy this morning and if that holds up maybe it will be cooler at least for part of the day. I might try to run the Weed eater this morning while it’s still cool and if the Showers miss us I got a couple acres more of grass that needs attention. We still have some Geese in the Pond that seem to have took up residence. April is winding down and we had plenty of rain until this last week and we have had a good deal of warm weather so just about everything is leafed out and green. There is no shortage of pollen in the air and May will see that all continue. We have had a moderately active Storm Season this Spring and the biggest problem so far would be the F4 Tornado that bulldozed it’s way through Murfreesboro. Now I have rambled long enough so here are the facts for Wednesday.

We have not as of 7 AM has any precipitation to report.

The temperature at 7 AM is 62 degrees. Looking for 78 to 80 with the clouds holding temps down a bit . Low of 62 tonight. Thursday look for more of the same at about 78 to 80.

Barometer is Steady at 30.25″. We dropped a little bit but are stable now. We may see a Shower but nothing much to worry about. We are keeping a eye on the Barometer for the next few days.

Humidity is 90% in the cool of the morning. that will fall of as we warm up. But daytime levels are in the 40 to 60% range. Up from the 25 to 40 range of a few days.

Wind is Calm early but indicating South. Look for 5 to 10 mph. Still no wind shift in the near future.

Sky is mostly cloudy this morning. We will have more clouds today than on Tuesday but I think we will still see some Sun.

The Summary for Wednesday is Clouds and some Sun with a good chance of a occasional Rain Shower. About 60% of us will see some rain today. Maybe a clap of Thunder but nothing Severe as best we can tell. High of 78 and Low of 62 tonight. Have a good day.


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