Posted by: martysweather | May 2, 2009

5/2/2209 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The best advice I can ever give anyone who is deciding where to put a house is, “Live on a hill.” Just because you have never seen a certain place flood unless you’re over 75 or 80 years old you just can’t be sure. We have had 5.20″ of rain in the last 24 hours plus the .68 from early Friday morning that is just under 6 inches and it’s still coming down. We could have a good deal more as well. Our “Severe” weather has been confined mostly to some strong Cloud to Ground Lightening. The Rain chances are going to be high through Monday and after that we could still see some showers so this is continuing to be a rare weather event. After a couple of years of drought God some how always find a way to correct the averages. We have road closings here in Bedford County this morning for high water in places that I cannot recall in recent memory having ever been impassible. And I’ve been around a fairly long time. If you have to travel I would advise being very careful about possible high water. Benji and Missy are really unhappy with having to go out in the rain and we have not had many breaks. We are running a little bit cooler in the low 70’s but the high humidity is a bit oppressive so we have to run the AC some. We may briefly see a Wind shift as this semi stationary front drifts South of us but it will then move back North and the Wind will go back to the South. The Rain will continue until the Front clears out of here and it’s not going away any time soon. So it’s just one of those Great Storms we have from time to time only it’s not Ice, it’s not Wind, but just lots of water. Now here are the Soggy facts.

We reported 5.20″ of rain for the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is 60 degrees and we will be cool today with the Rain and Clouds. High of only 74 or so if that. Low tonight of 58 or so. Sunday still cool and about the same as Saturday.

Barometer is 30.00″ and Steady for the moment. We have dropped slowly for the last few days. Still not a big collapse in pressure but we are in the unstable range. We will see some small ups and downs as our Front dances around, but no big Rise in the near future.

Humidity is 100% and will stay that way this weekend. We are fully saturated again and in fact we had our entire Month of May average rainfall in just the last 24 hours.

Wind is Calm early this morning. Look for 5 to 10 mph from the South and then briefly from the North before shifting back to the South.

Sky is of course Overcast. If you see any Sun at your location you will be very lucky.

The Summary for this weekend, It’s one for the Record Books. Rain, lots of Rain. Cool in the Low 70’s and 50’s to Low 60’s at night. Turn around Don’t drown. Keep the NOAA radio cranked up and I pray you are above the High Water Mark. Some folks won’t make it to Church on Sunday and if you do be careful I will look forward to seeing you there.


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