Posted by: martysweather | May 4, 2009

5/4/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Well it’s not raining at observation time this morning and that’s a improvement I guess. We picked up .98 Sunday morning and 1.19 this morning. For the Month of May we have reported 8.03″ so far and it’s only the 4th day of the month. Saturday morning was the largest single day collection I have ever reported and that exceeded some pretty hefty named tropical systems over the years. We get a break today in the rain showers but not in the clouds. The river is still rising but should crest this morning and the word from my associates over at TVA is that Normandy Reservoir is full and they have had to open the gates a bit more to let the water level down. That’s putting more water in the river this morning but we are managing that OK now that the rain has stopped. We will see Clouds today and some Sun on Tuesday before Shower chances return for Wednesday. Hopefully just showers on Wednesday that will be light and I don’t think we will have any more flooding rains. We will be a good little bit in drying up from all of this and a lot of grass is going to just have to grow this week I guess. The good news is the haying season is looking real good. I know some guys that are thanking the good Lord for the grass as a lot of people are running more Cows this year trying to make a living. We are going to stay warm but not oppressively Hot as we had been. So lets look at the facts for this soggy Monday morning.

We are 58 degrees at 7 AM and looking for just 70 for a High with all the Clouds. Low tonight of 52 or so and maybe 75 or so for the High on Tuesday with hopefully some Sun.

Barometer is at 29.95″ and trying to Rise. We may not see a big Rise however and another bit of unstable weather is on for the Mid Week.

Humidity is 95% but feels like 100%. With all the water around we will have high Humidity for a few days.

Wind is Calm but will be trending Northwest for awhile. 5 to 10mph. We will see it go back Southerly on Wednesday as Rain chances return.

Sky is Cloudy. Look for a break maybe towards the end of the day. Still a lot of Clouds on Tuesday but we will look for some Sun.

The Summary for Monday is Cloudy and Mild and Soggy. We have a lot of road closings in the mid state so be careful driving. High of about 70 today and praying for the Rain to hold off for a day or two. Have as good a day as you can and be thankful for the Rain. We may need some of this before the Summer is over.


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