Posted by: martysweather | May 5, 2009

5/5/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The walkabout today included amongst myself two dogs and about 100 Bunny Rabbits. None of us could find a dry spot anywhere and it’s not looking like we will dry up much today. We may very well see some Sun but it will not be enough to help much and more is on the way for maybe as early as late tonight. The Hay is looking good but we like the lawn to be neat. Well we just have to make allowances sometime. The Barometer is not wanting to move up much and the Humidity is not wanting to move down to much. Our Northwest Wind is going to go more West today and by tonight more Southwest and the rain chances return. Maybe not 8 more inches but we could see a couple or so before the weekend. Rain chances will lower by the weekend but the wetness will linger until the first of next week. Shelbyville is struggling with a Roadway Collapse on Main Street and numerous other soft spots and a few places where manhole covers literally blew up out of the pavement. More rain will only exacerbate this situation but it will make for some good pics in the local paper. We have had some folks flooded out of their homes along the river but nothing like it was before the TVA built Normandy Dam. The reservoir at Normandy is full however so we are praying for a break in the weather. The Bird feeders are not doing much business either and I didn’t hear my usual morning Chorus this morning. I guess we all could use some Sun. Well I’ve rambled long enough and I’m sure our wet spell will pass and we will be complaining about something else in a few days. Now for the facts.

We reported .03″ of Rain from a brief period of drizzle yesterday morning.
Temperature at 7 AM is 58 degrees. Looking for a High of 75 today if we can catch some Sun. Low tonight of 58 again and with Rain and Clouds Wednesday look for about 74 degrees for the High.

Barometer is Steady at 30.00″. We will not see much rise if any and maybe some decrease in pressure as we are continuing to have unstable conditions.

Humidity is 95%. Look for a little drop in the heating of the day but we have a lot of water around and a moist atmosphere that is going to just get wetter for the next few days.

Wind is Calm this morning but last indicated Northwest. Look for light wind from the Northwest then West as the Wind is swinging towards the Southwest by Wednesday.

Sky is Overcast this morning. Looking for mostly cloudy today with some Sun but not much. More clouds returning later tonight along with a return of rain chances.

The Summary for Tuesday is A lot of Clouds and some Sun this afternoon. Mild temps in the 70’s. Rain chances after mid night. We have to wait out this wet spell but Spring Weather can be fickle. Relax, Summer is coming soon. Have a good day anyway


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