Posted by: martysweather | May 6, 2009

5/6/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Some of the worst weather in the entire Country is right here in the good old Southeast this morning. Arkansas and North Mississippi as well as Tennessee are getting pounded with another rain event and a possible stalled Warm Front setting up for the weekend. I’m hearing some thunder in the area this morning and we have picked up .25″ of rain which has fallen since about 6 AM or so. Today we have some possible heavy rain and perhaps a Strong Thunderstorm in the Forecast. There is already a Flood watch for most of the Southern Region from 7 AM until this evening and at that time it may be extended. My little doggies took their morning walk with a sense of urgency that indicated that they wanted to get back in the house and I was thankful for the cooperation because I wanted to as well. We are tired of being wet but I did hear a couple of my more optimistic birds daring to sing in spite of the weather. There is not any wind this morning but the vane is indicating hard out of the South and that will pick up speed today and we are expecting some gusty winds especially associated with the heavier showers. So we just have more messy weather on top of the mess we already had. But the rumor mill has it that hot weather is on the way in a week or so and we will see a end to all of this in Gods good time. Now for the facts from 7 AM.

We reported .25″ of rain for the last 24 hours. That fell mostly in the 6 to 7 AM time frame.
Temperature at 7 AM is 59 degrees. High today only 74 with the Clouds and rain. Low tonight of 60. Thursday we could see some Sun in between the showers and may see near 80 for a High.

Barometer is down to 29.90″ this morning and Falling. We were in the Low 30’s and only marginally stable yesterday and we are entering a period today of increasingly unstable and stormy weather. We are praying for some 30.50’s and Sun but that is still aways off.

Humidity is 97% and may as well be 100% again. We are wet and will stay that way for a few more days.

Wind is Calm this morning but will be picking up speed and bearing South today. Gusty in and near the Storms.

Sky is Cloudy. May see some breaks in the Clouds from time to time tomorrow.

The Summary for today. We have a Warm front and Associated area of Low pressure that is once again bringing Rain and Thunder storms to the mid State. Rain possibly heavy at times and some stronger Thunder Storms today and tonight. High of 74 today and Low of 60 tonight. Flood Watch for the period is in effect. Still some rain chances for Thursday and warmer Temperatures. You might want to keep the NOAA radio on today. They most likely will not have the weekly test today. Stay safe and have a good day if you can.

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