Posted by: martysweather | May 11, 2009

5/11/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We almost got through a 24 hour rain free period yesterday until early this morning when we had what should be the last shower for a day or two anyway. Picking up .30″ reporting for the 11th straight day of rain. I calculate that to be 10.27″ at this location for the month of May with plenty of time for plenty more. I wonder what the record is for a monthly rainfall total? We do have a couple of dry days ahead if you discount all the rain we had this morning. I’m loading up to go to town and mow a yard for my BFF’s because Chemo patients just don’t really feel like cutting grass. Their yard drains good so by 10 AM or so they should be good to go. Hoping to work on my own tomorrow if we get some gentle breezes and sun today. The rain chances roll back in on Tuesday night as the Cold Front that has cleared us out and cooled us off should be returning as a showery Warm Front. We just can’t shake the rain pattern and I have given up on trying to predict it’s demise. The doggies have just accepted that the ground will be soft and damp and are dealing with it as well as can be expected. The Woodpecker activity has increased and a bunch of them were banging away yesterday morning. The Birds and Bunny Rabbits are out in force this morning and with a couple of dry days ahead we need to fill up the feeder again. We had a few really nice Gold Finches in for the weekend and our usual family of Cardinals along with a couple of million blackbirds. The really big news over in Shelbyville is they have a Storm Drain “Flume” 18 feet wide and 12 feet tall that runs right under downtown that has collapsed and is caving in and taking Main Street with it. It will be a monumental repair job in all likelihood and I’m wondering who will pay for it all. We have a big Detour right in the heart of town and will have for a while I guess. Anyway it’s always something. Now for the facts on what if you can stand a little wet ground is a fairly fine Monday morning.

We had .30″ of rain for the last 24 hours. That all fell early this morning.
Temperature at 7 AM was a cool 53 degrees. Looking for only about 70 for the High today. Down to 50 tonight and with a bit more Sun on Tuesday about 75 degrees.

Barometer is 30.10″ and trying to Rise some more. This is the highest the pressure has been in a while. It will not get too much higher and it will not last. We will take what we can get however.

Humidity is 87% this morning. Still damp but improving today and most of tomorrow.

Wind is North at 4 mph this morning. Keeping us cool but dry. Shifting back Southerly Tuesday evening and returning Rain chances.

The Sky is Partly Cloudy this morning. Look for some Sun but a lot of Clouds today. More sun than Clouds on Tuesday.

The Summary for today. Some Clearing but Cool today. High of about 70. Fair tonight and Sunny on Tuesday. Enjoy it while you can. Have a good one.


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