Posted by: martysweather | May 12, 2009

5/12/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We have ended our streak of Reporting Rainfall as the old CoCoRahs Gauge is empty this morning. We did have a good load of Dew on the ground this morning but the “Official” report this morning is Clear Sky and no Rain for the last 24 hours. We are looking for a Wind Shift today back to Southerly and returning some Clouds and Rain chances. The Intellicast Weather Service is not too convinced of those Rain chances and I’m not either for that matter at least not for Wednesday. We could see Scattered and Isolated Showers beginning late tonight. Some and hopefully most of us will see a mostly dry day on Wednesday. The ground is still soft but those places that drain are fairly dry now and the low spots mostly at least don’t have any standing water. Whatever tomorrow brings we plan to hit the ground hard today and get a couple of days of work in. We may be sore tomorrow. The wild life is getting wild again as the weather Fairs up and my Wife came in late last night and discovered a Fox in the driveway. We used to have several around here but this is the first one we have seen in a while. Fox aren’t a problem really if you have a good tight Chicken Coop. They take care of a lot of vermin. But, they likes a nice plump Hen now and then if you aren’t careful. The longer range look at the weather is still indicating a return to more Fair and Warmer weather next week. By the Holiday period we might be back to normal. Gardens are just going to be late this year. Flexibility and patience are a virtue for people who grow things. The Birds are standing in line at the Feeder this morning and I hear those Woodpeckers pecking away. We have work to do so here are the facts.

We did not report any rainfall for the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is 52 cool degrees. Looking for a pleasant 77 degree High and a Cool 59 degree low. Good sleeping weather as Granny would say. Wednesday looking for 79 degree.

Barometer has managed a 30.20″ this morning and we have the Clear Sky to show for it. We may see a bit of a dip and more Shower chances. No Stormy weather in the Forecast at least for the next day or so.

Humidity is High at 95% with a heavy Dew load this morning. We still have a lot of ground level moisture.

The Wind is Calm at 7 AM but indicating North. Looking for a Shift South today Not more than 5 MPH or so.

The Sky is Clear this morning. Some folks may have some Fog at the ground level. We look to be Partly Cloudy today. Increasing Clouds tonight. Shower chances returning Wednesday but I’m looking for Sun more than Clouds on Wednesday.

The Summary for today is Fair and Mild. High of 77. Cool and Returning Clouds tonight. This is a wonderful day. Get out and move around a little. Have a good day


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