Posted by: martysweather | May 15, 2009

5/15/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Well I guess all that Rain we had on the Radar yesterday morning just drove right up to our door step and petered out. After that we had a few sprinkles we had to report as a Trace amount this morning but managed to dodge everything for the rest of the period. Folks in places like Grundy County and a few more had a heavy shower and some Thunder late yesterday afternoon. There is a fairly heavy Thunder Storm just North of Tupelo this morning but that will pass well to our South. Today will see more Rain chances but once again some folks will see some and a lot of people will not. I’m not going out on a limb today and predicting anything. There is a mild Front passing through here today that may increase the Thunder Storm chances a bit but the stronger Front will pass through on Saturday and that looks like our best chances of Rain for the week. Next week still looks really nice for the Monday through Thursday period. The Spring wildlife activity is still peaking as the Birds are going through the seed at a brisk clip and when we were out and about this morning we had a encounter with a Turkey. Missy obviously has never seen a Turkey before and this Turkey wasn’t your typical Turkey because he stood his ground and Missy decided he was too big to mess with. Everybody survived however and everyday is a adventure. Now for the facts for this warm and muggy Friday morning.

We reported a Trace amount of Rain for the last 24 hours due to some Sprinkles on a couple of occasions yesterday. We are not hurting for Rain however.
Temperature at 7AM is 66 degrees. The Sun is fairly well up by 7 AM this time of year and will just get higher until the Summer Solstice on June 21. We look for 82 for the High here in the Southern Region and 66 tonight for the Low as we start to see some more Clouds.

Barometer is 30.15″ this morning. We have been up a bit and down some from time to time but are Steady for now. No big drops in a few days now and we have the Dry Sunny Weather to show for that. Still could see a decline in the pressure later today as Saturday may be a bit more of a unstable Showery day.

Humidity is 90% this morning and we feel Muggy even at 66 degrees this morning. No shortage of Humidity in Middle Tennessee today. This may give us a better chance of pop up showers this afternoon. At the very least it will feel warmer today.

Wind is SE at 2 mph this morning. No real wind except in and close to the Showers.

Sky is Mostly Sunny this morning. Sun and Clouds today. More Clouds this evening and Saturday.

The Summary for Friday is Fair and Warm. Chance of a Pop Up Thunder Storm later some could be Strong but not above Severe Limits. High of 82 Degrees. Many folks will see a mostly sunny day. I’m hoping we do. Have a great day, it’s FRIDAY.


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