Posted by: martysweather | May 16, 2009

5/16/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Another day of hit or miss showers yesterday yielded only .01″ here but some folks got a lot of rain. I believe Lincoln County to our South had all they wanted. I was home all day yesterday and we had a couple of rounds of Thunder but only some light sprinkles that after a few times added up to just enough to measure. I’m posting a bit late since I got a little extra sack time this morning but I did manage to record the 7 AM observations. Nobody here has to work today and that’s a rare thing for us so we are riding in the slow lane this morning. The doggies cooperated and kept a low profile until Benji just declared he needed to go outside. It’s looking like we will have more general rain coverage today but the good news is this weather pattern will be changing in the next 24 hours or so. We don’t really need any but a shower or two might not hurt if we have a week of warm dry weather ahead. There is a Front passing through today that will set off some heavy rains in spots and some stout Thunder Storms but still not above Severe Limits. To be considered “Severe” a Thunderstorm has to contain at least one of three elements. Hail greater that 3/4’s inch in diameter, or wind in excess of 58 mph, or a Tornado. Of course the really bad ones have all three. You might see some Hail today but not expected to be greater than 3/4’s and maybe some wind in the storms but less that than 58 mph. There is even less chance of a Tornado today and as best I can tell this system has not had a history of Tornado’s at least in the past 24 hours. So have good weekend even if you spent a lot of it indoors. Sunday should be clearing and cooler with a High in the mid 60’s. After a 80 degree day today that could feel brisk. Next week is looking Fair and warmer every day at least through Thursday. Now for the facts.

We are reporting .01″ of rain for the last 24 hours. From numerous sprinkles that all added up.
Temperature at 7 AM was 66 degrees. Warming up to 80 or 82 today depending on how much Sun we get. Cooler behind the Front and 65 degrees on Sunday.

Barometer is 30.05″ and Falling. Not going too much lower however and looking to be back on the Rise for Sunday.

Humidity is 85% and will be damp today. Dry behind the Front and Dry for several days after Sunday.

Wind is South at 6 mph this morning. Bearing West during the day and then North behind the front. The Northerly wind will keep us Fair for several days.

The Sky is Cloudy this morning but still some Sun at times. A lot of Clouds this afternoon and tonight but Clearing during the day on Sunday.

The Summary for this Weekend is Cloudy and Scattered Showers and Storms on Saturday. Rain ending Saturday night. High on Saturday of 80 degrees. Sunday Clearing and Cool with 65 degrees for the High. Sunny and 72 on Monday. This week was Frequently Cloudy but we did Dry up from the big Deluge. Next week will be Farming weather all week. See you in Church, and have a great weekend.


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