Posted by: martysweather | May 21, 2009

5/21/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The morning has a much different “Feel” to it today in contrast to Wednesday. The cool morning lasted just until Sun up and now the Warm is “On”. We are well on our way to 82 for the High today and the Humidity relative to Temperature is on the increase. More Clouds on the way this afternoon and a “Chance” for some pop up showers this afternoon. Those shower chances are only about 20% and should not be a factor in your outdoor plans at this point. The nice Weed eater weather is over however so unless you want to get out there really early in the morning I guess you will just have to suffer with the rest of us. The weekend is nearly here and while we will have the shower chances nothing major in the way of weather is in the forecast. Florida is still getting doused with the effects of a Tropical Low that is hovering nearly on top of the panhandle this morning. The associated clouds and rain bands from this are extending over a lot of Georgia and Alabama as well. All you usually lucky folks who head for Panama City and Gulf Shores for the Memorial Day break are gonna be disappointed to find a lot of clouds and Higher Gas prices. The middle of the country has a frontal boundary that runs from Vegas to Duluth, MN but the Temperature is about the same on both sides of the front. Boise, Idaho has about the same Forecast for today as we do here in the Tennessee Valley. The Boundary is mostly just comprised of the effect of the Jet Stream. That’s a sign at least that we are starting to transition into a Summer pattern. And that concludes the lesson for today. Now for the facts on this Sunny Thursday morning.

We did not report any rain for the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM was 64 degrees. It was up to 70 before 7:20 and is topping out at about 82 here in Southern Middle Tennessee. Look for 58 to 60 degree Lows tonight and about 80 on Friday depending on how much Cloudiness there is.

Barometer is 30.25″ and Falling a bit. We have Lowering pressure on two fronts. Northwest and South that are generating a bit of instability but we are still expecting mostly Fair weather today.

Humidity was 95% at 7 AM and while that will decrease in the Heating of the day and as the Dew dries off, you can still expect to feel the Heat a bit more today as the Relativity Factor kicks in and we will feel some of that Tropical air from usually sunny but not today Florida.

Wind is a gentle 2 mph from the East this morning. The direction of the wind will be East to South today as our weather is influenced from the South.

Sky is brilliantly Clear this morning but look for Clouds today, especially this afternoon.

The summary for today is Fair and warm with Shower chances this afternoon. Warm and Humid this evening. Rain chances are Low for the weekend but will be present throughout the period. It’s starting to look and feel like Summer. Have a good day.


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