Posted by: martysweather | May 22, 2009

5/22/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Don’t let a few morning Clouds and a sprinkle dampen your Friday morning spirit today. We have some light scattered patches of very light rain passing through from the Southeast and heading generally in a North to Northwest direction. That’s not where we usually get our weather but some of the pseudo tropical weather that has ruined every body’s Florida vacation is spilling over into Middle Tennessee this morning. Once this moves through and surly by 10 AM we should be in dry for a good part of the day. We will see more clouds today and that may be the trend all weekend but if you plan a little and keep a eye on the radar I think you will be able to pursue your weekend plans. There will be some increase in the thunder storm chances this afternoon also but so far it does not look to be severe. The air does have a heavy feel to it and I am seriously thinking we will see some showers today at some point. So we need to finish up the chore’s this morning and that includes a little bit more seat time on the mower. We will still have some sun along with these clouds so cheer up and remember it’s Friday and it’s a Holiday weekend. Now for the facts.

We reported only a Trace amount of Rain for the last 24 hours. Due to a couple of Sprinkles at observation time.
Temperature at 7 AM was 66 degrees. Looking for a High around 80 depending on how many clouds we have this afternoon. Low tonight of 60 degrees.

Barometer is 30.15″ and falling. We are influenced by a Low pressure area to our South but it’s a good ways off and not actually headed this way.

Humidity is 85% this morning. Looking for a humid weekend with Shower chances but not a washout by any means.

Wind is Calm this morning. As the day warms up looking for Southeast wind at a gentle 5 to 10 mph.

Sky is Mostly Cloudy this morning after a Clear week. Still some Sun today as well and it looks to be Clouds and Sun for the weekend with increasing rain chances.

The Summary for today is Clouds and Sun along with some light Sprinkles this morning. A better chance of Showers and maybe a Thunder Shower this afternoon. No severe storms at this time and a lot of room between the showers today. Don’t waste away on the couch, get out and live a little. Have a good day.


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