Posted by: martysweather | May 25, 2009

5/25/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

A Crisp Salute To Our Troops This Morning. Today we remember all of our Soldiers who for over 233 years have fought for our American Way of Life. That Way of Life is still worth fighting for and never in those 233 years since 1776 have so many people around the world wanted to do us harm. so the vigil is never ending but we are not afraid. This is a Country of Individuals who may seem to be always divided and we frequently are but like family if someone attacks us on our soil look out. The Emperor of Japan learned that lesson, Hitler learned and someday Osama will. So to my Loyal reader in Irag who is getting short, be careful and look me up when you get home.
The Weather is not as bad as it looks but it’s been just wet enough here to be a aggravation. That pseudo Tropical Depression has been to our East, to our South, to our West, and now Northwest sitting over Illinois this morning. Most of the Eastern half of the Country is seeing scattered and very unpredictable showers generated by this huge area of instability. We have and as much as I hate to give percentages a 60% chance of getting rained on in any one spot today but don’t let that spoil your Memorial Day events. I have the Honor of Barbecuing Ribs today for some where between 20 and 25 Dear Friends today. The Pool is Open and the Pump is running but I wouldn’t advise jumping in the 80 degree water but it’s relaxing to look at and at least it will not be to Hot to be outside all day long. So since I got a lot to do let’s look at those facts.

We reported .15″ of Rain on Sunday Morning and just .01″ today.
Temperature at 7 AM was 66 degrees. We might get up to 80 if the Sun comes out this afternoon. Look for 64 for the Low over night.

Barometer is down to 29.95 and Steady now. That Low Pressure area has hung around for several days but while we have been unstable it never took a run at us. We may still see the effects of this for a few days.

Humidity is 87% this morning. We will have plenty of moisture for Pop Up Showers today.

Wind is South at 2 Mph this morning. Look for 5 to 10 mph and maybe a bit gusty around some of the Thunder Showers.

Sky is Mostly Cloudy and we are going to have more Clouds than Sun.

The Summary for today is Clouds and Scattered Showers. Warm temps today and tonight. There is some room between those showers so make the most of it. You might hear some Thunder but not expecting any rough stuff. We saw a good deal of Lightening in the Distance late last night. Have a great Day Anyway. It’s always your choice. Now we got to get to those Ribs.


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