Posted by: martysweather | May 28, 2009

5/28/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We had a first for this season this morning. Today is the first 70 degree reading for the 7 AM hour. We were warm all night and today will be Hot and Humid. Some of the pop up showers in Middle Tennessee managed to get to near severe limits yesterday afternoon and last night but all is calm around Tennessee this morning and we have Clear Skies at 7 AM for the first time in several days. This will be the last day for our current air mass and a approaching Front will give us a good chance for Thunderstorms this afternoon, the build up of heat and humidity over several days will culminate today and as Winds give way to a bit of a Westerly direction we should have a few dry days for the weekend. In Northwest Bedford County we have essentially missed most of the heavier showers this week and we could use a good rain before this clears out of here. The weekend looks to be Sunny and Warm. Now since I have a bit to do before it gets any hotter, here are the facts.

We reported a Trace Amount of precip. to CoCoRaHs today from some Sprinkles on a couple of occasions yesterday. Just 10 miles to our North a station had half a inch.
Temperature at 7AM was 70 degrees and rising to over 80 before 8 AM. Looking for 85 or better for the High and a Low of 60 overnight as a Front passes through and we maybe get wet.

Barometer has managed to drop a bit more to 29.80″ this morning. The Lower pressure makes it easy for the Hot air to rise fast and some of those Showers today could be stronger than in the last few days.

Humidity is 84% but even more importantly the Dew Point is 62 degrees this morning. We could see Dew Points close to 70 today. This makes it uncomfortable for people and conducive to Thunder Shower development.

Wind is Southeast at 7 mph this morning and could be a bit breezy today and stronger in the Storms. Trending West behind the Front and lower our Humidity tomorrow.

The Sky is clear this morning for the first time in a few days but look for Clouds early today and mostly cloudy this afternoon.

The Summary for today is Change is coming for the weekend, but some Storms possible today. Hot and Humid. High of 85 degrees. You might have the NOAA Weather Radio on today just in case. We have a chance for Thunder Storms with Damaging Winds and Hail. The weekend looks wonderful however. Have a good day.

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