Posted by: martysweather | May 29, 2009

5/29/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

With all the showers around yesterday here in Northwest Bedford we only managed another Trace amount. With nearly a week of Rain “Chances” and clouds, all my poor little old gauge got was a little less than a quarter inch. However…..May has been the wettest month in recent memory at 10.95 inches and 5 days with Trace amounts so we are not hurting. Just 7 Miles Southeast of here in Shelbyville those folks had a enormous downpour about 6:30 last night. We did have a dramatic cool down here at about that same time as our 84 degrees quickly fell to 74 in the space of 10 minutes. We ended the day with a cool night and dropping Humidity as well. Our next Rain Chances will not be here before Tuesday or Wednesday of next week unless something comes along to foul things up. We are looking for a comfortable 80 degrees today and Low Humidity levels. Our days will get warmer each day over the next several days and Humidity will rise a bit each day. It looks like June will be here in typical fashion. June 1 is the start of Hurricane season which most folks around here don’t worry about until more like August but if you are a Ham Radio Operator folks around here are usually preparing for the possibility of becoming involved in the “Hurricane Net” and passing communication traffic. We are usually just far enough away to be out of the Lightening Static and still close enough to communicate between various locations along the Southern Coast and sometimes even Ships at Sea. Now as is often the case I have stuff to get done so here are the facts for Friday morning.

We reported only a Trace of Rain from this location for the last 24 hours.
Temperature is 61 degrees. Looking for 80 to 82 today and a Low of 57 or 58 degrees tonight. Saturday about 85 for a High as we will warm up a bit more each day for a few days.

Barometer is 29.95″ and Rising. On the way up to Stable Pressure and short of a sprinkle this morning virtually no chance of Rain for a few days.

Humidity is down to 80%. A little more than typical for this hour but down from the last few days and Dew Points will be dropping into or close to the 40’s. Humidity will gradually build back over the next few days.

Wind is West at 2 mph. That’s a change from the last several days. Trending toward the Northwest for a couple of days and then back to Southwest as the Humidity and Heat begins to build again.

Sky is Cloudy this morning but Clearing is the order of the day.

The Summary for today, Clouds and a very minor Sprinkle Chance this morning. More Sunny this afternoon and a High of 80 degrees. Low of 57 tonight. Sunny and Warm on Saturday. The end of a wet month but we are drying out now. Have a great day, It’s Friday after all.


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