Posted by: martysweather | May 30, 2009

5/30/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

It took it little while yesterday but those pesky Clouds have finally moved on and we have a Fair Sky this morning. The air is still harboring a good deal of moisture and we had a bit of Fog this morning and a good heavy Dew Load on the Grass but that should burn off quickly this morning. The occasional drizzle we had yesterday added up to a whooping .01″ in the gauge so we can add that to our total for May. Our Cool evening did make for good sleeping weather and even the doggies wanted to be lazy today. I expect and hope for a Cool evening tonight since the electricity will be off from Mid-Night until 4 or 5 AM according to the folks at the DREMC. Our day today and for the next couple of days will be Fair Sunny Skies and warm Temperatures. Monday with a more Southerly wind will be Hot and maybe near 90 degrees here in the Southern Region. This will be the most Sun we have had on a weekend in several weeks so get out and move around a bit. I’ve got a busy morning but I think we are going to spend the afternoon poolside and fill in my Farmers Tan a little bit. The wildlife here have settled down a bit or at least keeping a lower profile. The only biggies I see are the Gold Finches are battling a pair of Blue Jays for control of the Bird Feeder. The Finches are engaging with numerical superiority and the Blue Jays are making a lot of noise. I may need to put in another Feeder somewhere. But if you aren’t careful there will never be a end to how many birds want to be fed. However I like Birds and their is no question that even though we have had a wet Spring we have not had a lot of Mosquito’s, and I hope that trend continues. Now for those Sunny facts for this Saturday morning.

We dutifully reported .01″ of Rain for the last 24 hours from those drizzles yesterday morning.
Temperature at 7 AM was a comfortable 58 degrees. Looking for a High of 85 today and Sunday with Lows of 58 to 60 at night. Monday we could be in 90 degree range.

Barometer is up to 30.05″ and should be on the up tick for a couple of days. There is a small area of Weather North of us that might send us a few clouds tonight or a very small chance of a shower but it’s barely worth mentioning and our pressure will rebound more quickly tomorrow.

Humidity of 100% and a bit of Fog around the area. This is burning off and we should have Lower Humidity today making our 85 feel comfortable.

Wind is Calm this morning but will be West Northwest today at 5 to 10. Shifting Southerly on Monday for our warm up.

The Sky is Fair and Sunny today. Some Clouds tonight from the little blip passing by to our North but then Sunny on Sunday.

The Summary for this weekend is Fair and Sunny today and 85 degrees or thereabouts. Cool and maybe some Clouds tonight very very small chance of a shower. Fair and Sunny on Sunday. Next week is looking to be Hot so be prepared. Have a great weekend. Looking for you in Church on Sunday.


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