Posted by: martysweather | June 2, 2009

6/2/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

I made a one line grandiose statement that we would not get any rain here yesterday, and we didn’t. But we had a close call. I really didn’t think we had enough juice yesterday even with all of that Rising Hot Air but we obviously did and several of you guys had a shot of Rain and some Thunder and Lightening. Their is going to be more Humidity today and no shortage of Hot Rising Air so this afternoon could have a even better chance of Thunder. The interesting thing about the showers yesterday and likely today is they popped up and did their thing and rained themselves out and never actually moved much. If you get one of these it can be a real gully washer and yet your neighbor may not get a sprinkle. The Weather has lots of interesting little wrinkles, and I never get tired of watching it. Wednesday and Thursday our Rain chances go up even more as we get a approaching Front. I’m not sure if that Front will be able to actually pass all the way through here but after it tries by Friday our Rain chances lessen and we get a break from the Heat. The weekend still looks good and perhaps we can get a little rain on the Crops and fields over the next couple of days and have a nice weekend as well. Now for the facts for Tuesday.

We did not report any Precipitation here for the last 24 hours and so far not a drop in June.
The Temperature at 7 AM was a Warm 72 degrees and heading for 94 today unless a Cool Shower interrupts things. We hit 92 yesterday here in Northwest Bedford. Low tonight about 64 degrees with perhaps a few more Clouds holding our temperature up some over night.

Barometer is 30.10″ and steady. We have a approaching Front that will give us better Shower Chances for a few days.

Humidity at 7AM was indicating 75%. That’s about average in Cooler weather but it’s High for the Warmer Season and 75% Humidity at 74 degrees gives you a Dew Point in the Low 60 degree range. Dew Points will rise today making it muggy and provide more juice for Rain Showers.

The Wind is ESE at 2 mph but will be more Southerly as the Day warms up. Perhaps a bit breezy around the Showers.

The sky is Mostly Clear early but numerous Clouds today and more Pop Up Showers this afternoon. Some Clouds over night.

The Summary for today is we are in a Summer Pattern this first week of June. Hot and Humid today with Shower Chances this afternoon. Warm and Muggy tonight. Pray the AC is working. Have a great day.

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