Posted by: martysweather | June 4, 2009

6/4/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We are running a bit late today because of Vacation Mode but we didn’t actually go anywhere, just don’t tell anyone cause the World thinks we have dropped off the Radar. Our Cool Front did make it through but while it’s a tad cooler on this side most of the clouds and a lot of the Rain is hanging out on the backside of this thing and we have a lot of Rain Chances until this leaves here sometime tonight or early Friday. If you just step back 23,000 miles or so you can see it clearly. The NWS keeps saying 75 degrees today but it’s actually 8:15 now and 77 so the only thing I’m sure of is it’s cooler than yesterday. We will have some drier air eventually when this moves on. It’s a kind of take your pick day. We will be Sunny some and we will be Cloudy and Rainy as well. One end of the House is on the AC and one end has the Windows open and the Fans on. Whatever you want is yours today. The .58″ of Rain helped keep the Green stuff Green and maybe wasn’t enough to chill the Pools to much. But if you are poolside and hear some Thunder remember, “The first strike didn’t get you, don’t hang around for the next one.” I’m still satisfied that our weekend looks really nice. Now for those Thursday morning facts.

We had .58″ of Rain yesterday, mostly from over night showers. If you grow stuff those are the BEST.
Temperature at 7 AM was 67 degrees. Warmed up a bit now with the Sun. Regardless of what the Big Boys say we will have Low 80’s for Highs today. Looks like maybe 75 or so on Friday.

Barometer is 29.90″ and Steady. Look for a Rise on Friday but today we are in a trough of unstable air behind a Cool Front that will give us a bit of Stormy weather.

Humidity is 95% with a lot of Wet ground around here. We are in a lot of Moist Air today but looking drier for Friday.

Wind is Calm early but will be Mostly Northerly and Easterly today and 5 mph or so. Maybe gusty in the Showers. Wind direction will vary as the Higher pressure takes over.

Sky is Mostly Cloudy but a good deal of Sun will be around between the Showers.

The Summary for today, A Cool front has passed through leaving a lot of Wet Air in it’s wake giving us one more day of Rain and Thunder Chances. Much improvement predicted for Friday. Look for 80 degrees today and 75 on Friday. A little break from the Heat. Next week is a busy week for Middle Tennessee with the CMA activity and Bonnaroo most of which is outdoors. We usually have some wet weather to make that interesting. Have a good one.


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