Posted by: martysweather | June 6, 2009

5/6/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Yesterday was a “Chamber of Commerce” Day in Middle Tennessee. I hope somebody took a picture for the brochure. The Sky cleared out for the most part by mid day and Low Humidity with very comfortable Temperatures in the upper 70’s. One little complaint however, if you were trying to relax in the pool that North Wind was unbearable. I hung out on the deck and pinked out my Farmers Tan a little bit. We are still in Vacation Mode for one more day and I think we will certainly be ten degrees warmer today so maybe the North Wind will be moderated a bit more. Tomorrow will see more Clouds but still a good deal of Sun and at some point our wind shift Southerly will send temps close to 90 degrees. By Monday we will be feeling the Humidity again and by Monday night or Tuesday some Shower Chances will creep back into the picture. All in all a return to a pre Summer pattern. This will be two Sunny weekends in a row, maybe we are on a roll. Now since there is not much else going on and I need to mow a little while here are the facts.

We did not report any Rain for the last 24 hours.
The Temperature at 7 AM was 59 degrees according to my little machine that keeps up with those things. We should see near 85 degrees today and down to 62 or thereabouts tonight. Sunday looks like near or at 90 degrees.

Barometer is Rising and has managed 30.05″ and should make 30.20 by tomorrow. We will be stable for a couple of days at least. No big changes on the map for a few days.

Humidity is just 65% at the 7 O’clock hour. That is low for this time of day and this time of the year. Low dew points today. The 80 plus temperature will feel comfortable for most folks.

Wind is still light and variable but generally Northerly. Looking for a shift later tomorrow.

The Sky is Clear this morning. We will see some fair weather clouds today and more on Sunday along with a lot of Sunshine.

The Summary for this weekend is Fair and warm. Highs in the mid 80’s and near 90 on Sunday. Mild nights. North wind trending Southerly on Sunday evening. Have a great couple of days, and I’m looking for you in Church on Sunday.


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