Posted by: martysweather | June 8, 2009

6/8/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

How about that weekend. Too bad it’s over with but now it’s back to reality. The Heat is on early this morning and Shower chances are back in the future for Middle Tennessee. The Shower chances are more likely to our North and Northwest but we could see a Pop Up Thunderstorm just about anywhere. Wednesday looks to be the most active day this week for Storms and that also is primarily to our North and Northwest as well. We had a half inch of Rain here last week and we will be fine if we can catch a shower or two sometime this week. But we don’t need any Storms if we can help it. It is getting close to Summer and the temperature is on the up swing. Look for high 80’s today and low 90’s Tuesday and Wednesday. The Humidity is back as well so plan your work outside early and stay hydrated. My doggies and I are more and more doing our chores and taking a quick stroll and then they head back to the AC. I would stay right there with them if I could but I still have a couple more hours worth of grass to cut. I guess I need to be careful today since we appear to have a pair of Killdees running around on the Front Lawn. There may be a nest out there somewhere. Now since we are resuming a work week mode let’s get to the facts.

We have not reported any precipitation in the last 48 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM was 70 degrees. Rising with the Sun and headed to 87 today. Warm night as well at about 65 degrees. Tuesday we will be in the 90’s.

Barometer is 30.00″ and Steady. Our pressure has been stable but not running to High or to Low. There is a good deal of Low pressure and Stormy weather North and West of us but not coming our way for the time being anyway.

The Humidity is 85% this morning and the Moist air is flowing in from the Gulf of Mexico. We will see rising Dew Points and Shower Chances.

Wind is Calm this morning early but will be South at 5 to 10 today.

The Sky is Clear early but filling with Cumulus and and Cumulonimbus as the day wears on. Still a lot of Sun.

The Summary for today is Hot and Humid with Shower Chances this afternoon. Better Chances on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hot thru the period. Warm night’s as well. Looks like Summer is on our Door Step. Have a great day anyway. If you don’t think everyday is great, try missing one sometime.


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