Posted by: martysweather | June 9, 2009

6/9/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

72 degrees at 7 AM this morning and it’s going to be a Hot one today. We saw a High of 90 here yesterday and unless a well timed Thunder Shower interrupts our afternoon I think 92 degrees is a real possibility. The chances are low but we could see a Severe Thunderstorm pop up in spots today so you might want to be on the look out in case your spot gets selected. Even at this early hour there are some rain showers in West Tennessee. The chances will be better Wednesday for more isolated Severe Thunderstorms but no organized out breaks. Wednesday the Jet Stream flattens out and will be passing over Tennessee. Today for the most part the Jet is running just a bit North of Tennessee. The Humidity is running on the High side at 80% even with our 72 degree air temp this puts the Dew Point about 66 degrees and we likely didn’t get cool enough to have any dew here this morning. The Barometer is showing some signs of trying to fall even though the needle is still hovering on the 30.00″ mark. I guess since the Sun rises so early now and the mornings have warmed up so quickly I’m not going to see any Deer unless I catch one or two just before dark in the evening. The Bunny Rabbit population is doing real good however and they are eating good. One of the Rabbits I saw this morning was so fat he could hardly run away. They don’t have anything to fear from me since I don’t kill anything anymore if I can help it. The Blue Jays are managing to hold possession of the Bird Feeder this morning but I’m thinking the Gold Finches are plotting a move to re take the “Hill”. Now I need to do a few chores before it get to hot so lets look at the facts.

We did not have any precipitation for the last 24 hours.
The Temperature at 7 AM was 72 degrees. Looking for 92 for a High here on the hill and only down to 65 or so tonight. As we get further into June those nights just keep getting warmer.

Barometer is 30.00″ this morning but when I tapped the glass it looks like the needle is fixing to go down a bit. We have weather West and North of us that is influencing our weather. Hopefully not going to be as rough here as some places in the upper mid west.

Humidity is in place and running 80% with 66 degree Dew Point this morning at 7 AM.

Wind is calm early but will run Southwest at 5 to 10 and if you get one of those Thunder Storms gusty at times.

Sky is Clear here this morning but we can expect a build up today of Cumulonimbus and scattered isolated Storms today.

The Summary for today is Hot and Humid with isolated Storms. High in the low 90’s. Warm tonight. There are better chances for Storms on Wednesday so plan accordingly. If you follow “The Weather Channel” the Vortex 2 Team may be well placed to see some real action today. And lastly I expect the Gold Finches will prevail at some point this afternoon. Have a good day. LOL


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