Posted by: martysweather | June 17, 2009

6/17/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee


Yesterday was a violent weather day for a lot of Middle Tennessee Counties to our North but once again we escaped with nary a sprinkle to show for it. There were a lot of damage reports on the Skywarn frequency’s and a lot of folks were deployed to observe and report. A few funnel clouds were sighted but it appears that straight line winds were the big culprits. Today as the Jet Stream is slipping further North we are on the Southern edge of the Severe Risk area for Thunder Storms. Thursday and Friday we may get a break from the Storm chances but the Heat is going to be the lead story for a few days. At the early hour of 7 AM we are well into the 70’s and headed for the low to mid 90’s unless we catch one of the Storms this afternoon. With our current high Dew Points and sluggish air on the ground we could see a lot of lift in those potential Storms so keep a ear out on the NOAA Weather Radio. Our morning walk was brief again as it was Hot and Muggy and kinda Buggy. The wild life must have done their thing early cause we didn’t hear or see much today. The one lonely Bunny Rabbit was in the Shade along the edge of the Woods. After today we will still have the Heat and the Humidity but the cool air aloft that provides the final component for the Storms will be well to our North. Any pop up showers would usually be far less intense or Severe. Summer is just 4 days away and we are quickly settling into what early on looks like a Hot Summer. We may be glad we had that wet Spring. Now for the facts for this Wednesday morning.

We did not report any rain for the last 24 hours. Just 5 miles North of here they had half a inch.

Temperature at 7 AM is a Hot 75 degrees. That’s about as warm as you ever see it at this hour in June. We are headed for 95 degrees at that rate. Warm tonight as well as we may only get down to 68 or 70 tonight. The good sleeping weather is going away unless you got some good AC and are willing to pay for all the electricity.

Barometer is 29.95″ and Steady. We still have the Low unstable pressure. Hoping to get that up some as the Jet Stream retreats North but we’ll have to watch and wait.

Humidity is 80% and Dew Point is 70 degrees. Not looking for any relief in the Humidity.

Wind is indicating South at 2 mph. We may see some 5 to 10 mph Winds but the trend is going to be towards the West and that just brings us Hot Weather in the Summer time around here.

Sky is Partly Cloudy and we will have Sun and Clouds. More Sun today except when the Showers pass through. If you get one! … Look for a lot of Sun and Heat over next few days.

The Summary for today. This is hopefully the last potentially Stormy day for at least a few days. Hot and Humid. Also Hot over night. Summer is nearly here. Do the best you can. Have a good safe day.


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