Posted by: martysweather | June 20, 2009

6/20/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Summer officially arrives at 12:46 AM Central tomorrow morning. We have had a preview the last couple of days and today may be the last day of Spring but it feels like Summer for sure. Our 7 AM temperature was 78 degrees breaking the high for the year at that hour record we set yesterday. We are dry too, at 4:30 yesterday afternoon I decided since it was down to 91 or so and the Sun was getting lower I mowed some grass for a couple of hours. The ground is hard and looking for a shower of rain. It doesn’t take many 90 degrees in a row around here to dry us out here even after all the rain we had this Spring. I guess the wildlife has there ways of adapting but mostly they seem to be slowing down and seeking out the shade. We need a break from some of this intense Sun and the Western perimeter of this Ring of Fire scenario we have found our selves in is slowly edging towards Tennessee. This will by Monday maybe give us some more Clouds and we resume the Shower chances. All those Shower chances from the first of this week didn’t translate into much Rain here in Bedford County. Those Rain chances on Monday will be less than 20% but we’ll settle for some Clouds at this point. There are some Clouds on the Satellite picture up on the TN/KY border that may fire off some Showers up there but I doubt if we will see anything out of that. The States to our North and Northwest have been getting hit hard with Severe Weather the last few days and they would like to see this weather pattern shift East as well. The doggies are just laying in front of the Fan that is setting in front of the AC. Sounds like a good idea, we may seek some comfort at the bottom of the pool today and I’m thinking about putting a extension on the old Snorkel. Now for the facts.

We didn’t report any Rain for the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is a balmy 78 degrees. Look for 96 today and only down to 75 tonight. That’s at least 10 degrees above normal. Only about 92 on Sunday and perhaps a few clouds hold down the temperature. Any clouds will just make it warmer at night however.

Barometer is is 29.95″ and holding. We looked like we edged up a bit yesterday but then fell right back to where we were.

Humidity is 70% and holding as well. We may see a rise in Humidity and Dew Points as the Clouds return.

Wind is Hot and bearing Southwest to West. Maybe a bit of a 5 or 10 mph breeze this afternoon late but it is a Hot dry wind so be aware of a increase in Fire danger.

Sky is mostly clear this morning and while we see some clouds they will not be dominant today. Perhaps some more Clouds on Sunday giving us some break in the heat. Monday may see a further increase in the clouds.

The Summary for this weekend is Hot and Humid. Highs in upper 90’s on Saturday and lower 90’s on Sunday. Nighttime temps. in the mid 70’s. Today is the last day of Spring, it was Wet and Stormy on the front end and Hot on the tail end. We have had some extremes but really history will judge this as a fairly normal Spring season for Middle Tennessee. Have a good weekend and keep cool. Hope to see you in Church on Sunday.



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