Posted by: martysweather | June 25, 2009

6/25/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

It’s nice outside this morning. The numbers don’t reflect that with 70 degrees and 90% Humidity but it feels good and the doggies wanted to stay on the trail. But, I got the VBS duty again today, Day 4 with 1 to go. I’m actually having a lot of fun but don’t tell anybody. We will be Hot again today of course but still only ever so slightly warmer than yesterday. We had lower Humidity levels all day yesterday and it made for a Nice Summer Day and a cooler evening. Friday we resume some Rain chances but they will be few and far between. Sunday looks like our best bet for Rain this week. I’m going to have to mow some today after the VBS session and I hope the Killdeer will just trust me a little and I’ll try not to mess with their little minds too much. Everything else is slowed up a bit and I guess since the Sun comes up about 5:30 now I’m missing a lot of the wildlife action. Missy did flush out some fat little Bunny Rabbit babies from under the shed but they out numbered her and she had to retreat. We are dry as a bone again and need some rain. For late June it usually isn’t this dry and it looks more like late July but as we discovered back in May you can “catch up ” quick and maybe we will get some in a few days. Now for the facts.

No rain to report for the last 24 hours.
Temperature is 70 at 7AM and headed for 94 for the High and maybe 68 or perhaps a bit cooler here in the country tonight.

Barometer has struggled up to 29.95″ but not going to rise much more. That’s just enough though to keep us stable and dry.

Humidity is 90% after a night of fairly heavy Dew. Look for lower Humidity again today in the Heat of the day.

Wind is Calm but will be Northwest to North at 5 mph or so.

Sky is Clear this morning. We had very few Clouds yesterday and perhaps we will have a few more today but still mostly Sunny.

The Summary for today is Hot and not as Humid. High in the 90’s and Low in the upper 60’s. Some increasing Rain chances for Friday but don’t cancel any plans yet. Have a good day.


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