Posted by: martysweather | June 26, 2009

6/26/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We are drawing close to the end of June and it’s been a Hot month with not a lot of Rain. We likely had about average amounts in most of the Northern Region of Middle Tennessee but the Southern region has come up short unless we get a couple of gully washers between today and Monday night. You can feel the Humidity today and the Satellite pic has some showers on it up to our North. We may see a Shower or Thunderstorm this afternoon. I don’t know how Granny got by without Satellite’s and Radars but she could out predict the Weather Service with nothing but a Thermometer and a Barometer and a Weather Vane. She listened to the Crickets and the Birds and even as very young little boy I was pretty impressed. All the Birds around here tell me is that they are always hungry. The doggies are staying cool in the AC and the wife is trying to fight off a case of the Flu, and I’m hoping I don’t catch it. She works in a germ factory and it’s a wonder we survive at all. I still got this last day of VBS so I need to get to those facts.

We had no rain in the last 24 hours.
Temp was 72 degrees at 7 AM and going up to 95 again unless we get lucky and have a early shower. Low around 72 tonight.

Barometer is 29.90″ and Steady. We just can’t get the pressure above 30 inches. I hope my friend Karla is adapting to this low pressure.

Humidity is 90% and will remain a bit higher with Dew Points in the 70’s likely today.

Wind is West at 2 mph. Will vary West to North West but not very windy except around the Showers if you get one.

Sky is Partly Cloudy this morning. More Clouds today with our Shower Chances. Still plenty of Sun so don’t cancel any out door plans.

Summary for today, Hot and Humid with Shower Chances. A few more Clouds today compared to the last few days. Have a good day.


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