Posted by: martysweather | June 27, 2009

6/27/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

I know it’s getting to be a old story but the Heat is about all we have to offer you weather wise. Maybe a chance for a isolated shower this afternoon or evening and count yourself lucky if you get one. Last night once again Bedford County had a close call and we heard some Thunder and saw some Lightening but all for naught. I have some significant cracks in the ground here and I measured one just to be accurate and the crack is 7/8th’s of a inch wide. These cracks are so big that Ants are sending scouts out to find a way around them. The Construction folks doing the big Storm Drain repair in downtown Shelbyville are nearing completion and are filling in the big ditch they had to dig across Main Street. I know those guys have been praying for dry weather and they needed it. So maybe in the next few days we can get some Rain. I still haven’t seen any June Bugs although there is no shortage of Bugs otherwise. The Mosquito population has been noticeably decreased this year, I guess a combination of our recent Dry Spell and the Birds and Bats we have here this year. We have seen several Bats at night here lately. I don’t know where they all live in the Day time but it must be fairly close since Bats don’t venture out too far from home. Those guys are ugly and nasty but they eat a lot of Mosquito’s so we welcome them. It would be OK with me if they ate some Chiggers as well. The Bird feeder has consumed another bag of seed so I guess we have a excuse to go to the TSC store today. Now lets look at the facts and get along with our weekend.

We did not have any rain for the last 24 hours.
The Temperature at 7 AM was a warm 74 degrees. Looking for a High of 96 degrees today and a Low of 72 tonight. Sunday looks to be about the same but maybe cooler in the evening if we get a late shower.

The Barometer is STILL steady at 29.90″. My friend at the Weather Service says our Barometers are not broken. We are just in a long spell of relatively Low Pressure that is covering a big part of the Country.

Humidity is 75% this morning which is about average for this hour this time of year. We will see a increase over today and tonight and have better Shower chances on Sunday.

Wind is Calm but will be West to Northwest at 5 or so mph.

Sky is Clear this morning but look for a Cloud buildup today and then Clearing over night. More Clouds on Sunday and better Rain chances.

The Summary for this weekend is Hot and Humid with mid 90’s for Highs. Some rain chances this afternoon and evening and better chances on Sunday. We will see a transition into some more Seasonal and cooler temperatures next week. Highs in the upper 80’s would be nice. The average normal for this time of year is 87 degrees. It’s been a busy week, hope everyone had a good one. I’m going to hang out in the AC with my doggies. Missy has a stopped up nose this morning so I’m going to move her kennel crate a bit so the AC won’t blow on her at night. It’s always something. Have a good weekend. LOL


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