Posted by: martysweather | June 29, 2009

6/29/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The month of June is drawing to a close and Northwest Bedford County has received nary a drop of Rain again with this last Cool front. Those Cool fronts will be few and far in between as we get into July. My friend over in Coffee County had over a inch a couple of days ago and some parts of town got a shower on Friday night but not a drop here. It’s depressing when you can literally see it falling and smell it but three times now we have been missed. My cracks in the yard will be getting even larger as we don’t have any Rain chances for the next few days. This week will be wonderful however with lower humidity and cooler temperatures near normal for the first week of July. We had a low last night of 56 degrees and a hefty dew load on the ground this morning. Since it was nice outside if a bit on the dusty side we took a stroll around the property. The doggies were refreshed by the cool temperatures and Missy wanted to sniff every blade of grass this morning. What little grass we still have growing was at least watered by the heavy dew. I found a couple of empty birds nest on the ground that the wind from one of our near miss Thunder showers blew out of the trees and I guess most of the Spring hatchlings have all long since left the nest. Nature has slowed down some from the hectic days of early Spring and in a few weeks we will be into the Dog Days of Summer and counting the days until Fall. It’s funny how we always are looking forward to the Seasonal changes. I’ve spent time in places that don’t have Seasons and it’s boring, even if it’s Paradise.Now lets look at the facts this morning.

We didn’t have any rain here at this location in the last 48 hours.
The Temperature has risen to 66 degrees after a 56 degree low and headed to about 86 for a High. Low tonight will be in the low 60’s.

The Barometer is Still steady at 29.85″ and I’m hoping we can get that up some but pressure in general in the East half of the Country is on the low side.

Humidity is 85% early but will be much lower in the heat of the day. Dew Points will be much lower.

Wind is Calm this morning but expect North to North West and 10 to 15 mph during the day.

Sky is Clear this morning and will be Sunny today with few Clouds if any.

The Summary for today is Fair and Dry. Seasonal Highs and Lows temperature wise. Lower Humidity as well. We are having s Dry Spell here but this year has been a year of Spells. It’s Hot or cold wet or dry. It’s always something. We are planning for a big 4th of July on Saturday, hope you are as well. Have a good day.


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