Posted by: martysweather | June 30, 2009

6/30/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

This is the last day of June and we are finally seeing a break from the Heat that plagued us for the last couple of weeks. Yesterdays High was 88 Degrees and with lower Humidity. Today I think we will make 90 Degrees but with even lower Humidity today we may feel about the same as Monday. Our little neck of the woods is still dry but the majority of the folks are in fair shape and we are holding on and hoping for a shower this weekend. This is a Holiday weekend and I’m not asking for a wash out, just a couple of showers with lots of sun and fun in between. The next couple of days we can expect 89 or 90 degree Highs and the end of the week with a few more Clouds we should be in the upper 80’s. The Barometer just can’t seem to get back to the 30″ mark and we have dropped to 29.75 today. We are under the influence of Higher pressure than our neighbors to the North and South but the numerous pockets of Lower pressure around us will not let our High pressure build to the extent that we usually see under these similar conditions…. My old dog Benji decided he had to go outside this morning at 4:45 and even though I was grumbling a bit I knew how he felt and was thankful he was at least good enough a dog to know he needed to wake me up. My early morning foray was rewarding however as I saw a Gray Fox walking across the yard beside the house near the Woods Line. He was following the curve of the wood line holding a line constantly about 1 foot from the brush, and he must have been comfortable and secure in his surroundings because I was only about 30 feet from him and he was a magnificent looking creature. He never saw me and Ben never saw him so all is well. We have over the years seen a few Red’s but this is the first Gray Fox. Everything else is in the Slow mode for now. I have some chores today so here are the facts.
We have yet again had no Rain in the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is a comfortable 72 degrees. Headed to 90 today and down to maybe 58 over night tonight. We had a Low last night of 60 degrees.
Barometer is 29.75″ and maybe trying to Rise now but not going to Rise much. There are pockets of Low pressure and unstable showery weather to our North and South. We however are in the dry for a few days.
Humidity is 70% but will be falling in the Heat of the day. Dew points will be in the low 50’s today and you will not feel much Humidity.
Wind is Calm early but looking North West and perhaps a bit breezy later.

Sky is Clear and look for very few Clouds today. Starting on Wednesday we will gradually see more Clouds each day looking towards the weekend.

The Summary for today. Warm and not as Humid with a bit of a breezy North West wind. Lots of Sun and very few Clouds. Not to shabby for the last day of June. Have a good day and we will look at July in the morning.


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