Posted by: martysweather | July 6, 2009

7/6/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

I hope everyone had a good weekend and 4th of July Holiday. There was at long last Rain in the Southern Region of Middle Tennessee for the first time in several weeks. Here in Bedford County we didn’t get ours until after 10:30 on Saturday night so we really didn’t have any problems with our outdoor activity. In Nashville those folks unfortunately got theirs earlier but still the Fireworks went off without much trouble. We had plenty of Sun on Saturday and everyone seemed to be in the Spirit of our Summer Holiday. The Steve McNair deal was a downer, it’s a rough year for Celebrities. I guess the Tennessee Titans will react one way or the opposite. It could be the best or worst season they have had depending on which pole they gravitate too. Weather wise we are Cloudy and warm this morning with a lot of Humidity from all that rain still laying around. We really didn’t get all that much, .98 on Sunday morning and .16 today for a 1.14 total. It’s enough to keep the grass growing for a few days but after the Hot and Dry week we have ahead of us we will be back in desperate need again by the weekend. If we are going to have a second Hay cutting we need a few more inches of Rain in the not to distant future. The doggies enjoyed their morning stroll in the damp grass. Their noses were on alert with a lot of scents that had previously faded somewhat in our hot dry spell. Benji took the Fireworks in stride as he had been around that kind of noise before. I’ve fired Shotguns over Ben before and he just kept on Flushing birds. Missy however did not like it and would not go outside until very late on Saturday night and even Sunday night she had to be coaxed into quickly doing her thing. We had some sounds of distant Mortars and Small Arms fire on Sunday night as well. Missy was however back up to speed this morning looking for bunny rabbits under the Cars and Trucks. We didn’t flush any this morning but there were a couple camped out on the South Lawn. Now for the facts on our Cloudy Monday morning.

We reported .98 and .16 inches of Rain on Sunday and Monday mornings.
Temperature at 7AM was 70 degrees. Heading to around 85 for a High with our Clouds holding things down a bit. Down to 65 tonight with Clearing and Drier air. We will be close to 90 on Tuesday.

Barometer is 29.90 and Rising. The pressure was down over the weekend but is rebounding.

Humidity is 85% due to a lot of Wetness laying around, but we will be drying out and have several days of Lower Humidity. Very little in the way of Shower chances before the weekend.

Wind has shifted back North after the Frontal passage. Look for a few days of dry North wind at 5 to 10 mph. Calm at night.

Sky is Mostly Cloudy this morning. We will be gradually clearing today and Sunny on Tuesday.

The Summary for today. Cloudy but Clearing sky. Small chance of a early shower. High of 85. Fair tonight and cool. This is going to be a Fair and dry week with Lower Humidity. That’s a rare thing in July so enjoy. I’m not going to work today, I feel a case of Lazy coming on. Have a good day.


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