Posted by: martysweather | July 8, 2009

7/8/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

A associate of mine refers to our current weather scenario as “uneventful”. That frequently is the normal for Middle Tennessee in July and a good bit of the Summer. The exception being the occasional round of Thunder storms, and Severe Weather could literally happen at almost anytime. Therefore the Weather Service guys do earn their keep. The ground here in Bedford County is still dry and we could use a good pop up shower but I don’t see it happening today. We have a slightly warmer morning going at 7 AM and we are hitting the 90 degree mark with all certainty this afternoon. The Humidity is still on the low side for July but will be increasing every day this week. The Wind will trend a bit more Northeast today as our High Pressure passes by to our North. This progression will eventually result in a Southerly wind by Saturday and that will really kick start some possible Rain chances for the weekend. That High pressure is Fairly Steady at 29.95 this morning. Our pressure remains under 30″ and another associate refers to this trend of moderate pressure as a “Relaxed Atmosphere” condition. His theory is that this will persist until the Gulf water temperature warms up some more and the Hurricane season picks up some activity. That’s only one guys opinion but we’ll keep a mental note to see how it plays out. On the ground here the South Lawn has a Bunny Rabbit convention this morning and my neighbor has a Cow running loose in Front of the house. If she doesn’t go home she may end up in “some body’s” freezer. Now lets look at the facts.

No Rain in the gauge this morning.
Temperature is 70 degrees at 7AM and headed for 90 for the High and down to 64 or so for the Low tonight. Thursday about the same.

Barometer is 29.95″ and Steady. We may rise a bit but no big moves.

Humidity is 85% this morning with our heavy Dew load from the over night. Still that will burn off and we will have fairly low Dew Points today although gradually getting a bit more Humidity from day to day.

Wind is Calm this morning and then Northeast at about 5 to 10mph.

Sky is Clear this morning but a few Clouds today. No build ups, just Fair Weather Clouds today and Thursday.

The Summary for Wednesday, Mostly sunny, with a high near 90. Northeast wind around 5 mph. And tonight, Partly cloudy, with a low around 64, Calm wind. And Thursday, Mostly sunny, with a high near 90 once again. That’s a typical July Forecast but the Cool Nights are a treat. Have a good one.


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