Posted by: martysweather | July 13, 2009

7/13/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We finally picked up some Rain Sunday afternoon and evening. Storms were training over Bedford County from about 3 PM Sunday afternoon until 10:30 Sunday night. Rain and lots of Lightening but not much wind here and thankfully no Hail. We have a total of 2.10″ in the Gauge to report this morning, it seemed like more but we’ll take that and now our total for July to date is 3.24″. That’s a shade above normal. We “caught up” in 1 Rainy evening, …..that’s so often the case. The Dry spell killed off my new Grass and we have a lot of Hay running behind on it’s 2nd growth but the Climatic averages will at this point years from now indicate a “above average Rainfall for July”. That’s why statistics can be misleading, and you need a narrative record of what is really happening. We have some Shower chances for today but I think most of them will slide by to our West and South. Tuesday the Heat comes back and we will have a Hot week. Our currently North wind will shift back Southerly tomorrow and mid week we have Hot Summer days and Shower chances as is typical for July. Everything is wet outside today. We had some sharp lightening strikes but I don’t see any damage. I logged into the NWS and they have 13 Storm reports so far, all for Tree Damage and Power Lines. We never lost Electrical Power here in Northwest Bedford, Thanks go out to Duck River Electric Membership Coop for their new Lightening Arrestor system. Benji slept thru the noise last night and Missy was more than happy to be in my lap. It would not hurt my feelings if we got a few more showers today since it’s already muddy. In a few days we will have to get “Big Red” out and go back to mowing. Now lets look at the facts.

We reported 2.10″ of Rain this morning. Sunday morning we only had a “Trace” from a couple of near misses on Saturday afternoon.
Temperature at 7 AM is 70 degrees. We may only see 89 or so for the High today and 66 tonight for the Low. However Tuesday 92 or more for the High.

Barometer was back down to 30.00″ today and was a shade lower last night before the Front came in with the Thunderstorms. Look for a bit of a Rise today but not a big move.

Humidity is 90% with all the wet stuff about this morning. We will dry out some today and Tuesday but a Wind shift will return Humidity and High Dew Points by mid week.

Wind is North at 4 mph this morning behind the Front that came through last night. We will shift back Southerly at some point on Tuesday.

Sky is Partly Cloudy this morning. Look for Clouds and Sun today. Tuesday mostly Sunny.

The Summary for Monday, Partly cloudy and 89 degrees today. Slight chance of a Shower. Tonight Cool and 66 degrees overnight. Tuesday Sunny and Hot with Temperatures in the 90’s. Have a good day.


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