Posted by: martysweather | July 17, 2009

7/17/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The Clouds are on the decrease and the Sun is on the upswing this morning. West Tennessee got the bulk of our Rain predicted for Thursday and we have to squeak by with just .03″. Our total for July is now 3.56″. We are clearing out and setting up for a quality weekend and some Temperatures that could come close to breaking some records for Cool weather in July. Our “Normal ” Temperature Values for this time of year here in Southern Middle Tennessee are 90/70. We will run about 10 degrees below those on Saturday and Sunday. We will quickly return to reality on Monday. The Soil is getting the benefit of at least some rain the last couple of days along with the Clouds and Humidity our low evaporation rates have allowed us to benefit from what we got. Outdoors this morning no sign of wildlife, not even a Bunny Rabbit today. The air “Quality” here in Farm Country is not too great after a couple of damp days and a calm wind over night. However we should start picking up a more Northwest wind and breezy later to air us out some. Now lets look at the facts.

Reporting only .03″ of Rain for the last 24 hours. Disappointing since I thought we could get another half inch yesterday.
Temperature at 7AM is 71 degrees. Heading to a High of 85 or so. Low tonight of 58. Saturday we may struggle to get above 80.

Barometer is down to 29.90″ but starting to Rise. It will be interesting to see how much rise we can get. Not expecting a lot.

Humidity is 95% but a lot of that will burn off this morning and generally the Humidity will be lower the next couple of days.

Wind is Southwest at 2 mph this morning and will be trending more Northwest later today. Maybe breezy at 15 mph this afternoon.

Sky is Partly Cloudy but gradually clearing. Sunny this afternoon and Saturday.

The Summary for today. Fall like Temperatures are settling in for the weekend. Today however is Warm and a very small shower chance early. Sunny and mild this afternoon. Cool tonight and Mild temperature and Low Humidity on Saturday along with plenty of Sun. This is killing the Swimming Pool temps but you can’t have everything. Have a good day.


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