Posted by: martysweather | September 8, 2009

9/8/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Sunny morning today. That’s after the vivid lightening show from last night. We had numerous isolated scattered Thunderstorms Monday evening and a couple of those scattered themselves over parts of Bedford County. We were spared once again from some of the stronger winds and Hail but we had the lightening in no short supply. Most folks did get their electricity back quickly but I know some that will have to wait until Wednesday before Ma Bell gets their Phones and DSL services back up. We here were lucky not to have any damage but there were some close hits. Today we will warm up quickly and with a plentiful amount of moisture in the air and on the ground look for uncomfortably high Dew Points and those pesky Isolated Afternoon Thunder Storms could be prowling around again. The Rain gauge had .41″ of Rain to report this morning so that’s .86″ for the last couple of days. That will jump start the grass and give us some chores this week. The puppy dog trail was wet but no sign of much wild life. Last night I did see a nice young Buck with about a six point rack. We are solidly into the Fall transition period now as Fall is only two weeks away. In about a month we will be getting ready for Frosty mornings. We have had in years past some Fall seasons when we had Frost by mid October, however it’s been more like November the last few years. This year signs are indicating possibly a early Fall season. But after the surprises this year has sprung on us what do I know. Now lets look at those facts.

We reported .41″ of Rain to the CoCoRaHs folks this morning.
Temperature at 7AM was 63 degrees. Looking for 86 degrees today for a High and then down to 63 or so tonight. About the same for Wednesday unless something changes.

Barometer is 30.05″ and Steady for the time being. Still above 30 inches but there is a stubborn area of Low Pressure North of Tennessee that is affecting us somewhat and sending the waves of scattered Showers across the State in the heat of the day.

Humidity is virtually 100% this morning. Dense Fog in spots. Look for High Dew Points and muggy conditions today. Good supply of fuel for afternoon showers.

Wind is Calm but expecting Northwest to North from the Low up in Ohio that is affecting our weather today. 5 to 10 mph for the most part.

Sky is Clear but clouds will blossom in the heat and humidity of the day.

The Summary, Today: Isolated showers and thunderstorms. Patchy dense fog before 9am. Otherwise, partly cloudy, with a high near 86. Calm wind becoming northwest around 5 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%. Tonight: Patchy fog after 1am. Otherwise, partly cloudy, with a low around 63. North northwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm. Wednesday: Isolated showers and thunderstorms. Partly cloudy, with a high near 86. Calm wind becoming west northwest around 5 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%. That’s about all we have today. Busy week once the Showers let up but we needed some Rain. Have a good day.


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