Posted by: martysweather | October 15, 2009

10/15/2009 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Heavy Rain falling at 7 AM will be ending this morning. Then shower chances and Cooler. High of 61 deg. Cooler over night with a 45 deg. Low. Minor shower chances remain for Friday and Saturday then Sun for several days through the middle of next week. “That’s the plan anyway.” We had a bit over a half inch of Rain in the gauge this morning with a brisk Northwest wind and heavy rain at observation time. The outdoors were too rough for our morning trek today so the doggies stayed pretty close to the house for their short necessary trip outside this morning. The break in the rain Sunday through hopefully Wednesday at least will be welcome, however the 14 day outlook still indicates Cooler and Wetter than “Normal” so enjoy whatever you get and make the most of it. With the exception of the immediate area around the house we may only have one more Grass Mowing cycle left this year. That’s both a happy and sad thing since I kind of enjoy Mowing, but don’t tell my Wife! To make a long story short Winter is getting closer every day. December 21st is the first day of winter 67 days from now. Seems like just last week it was the 4th of July. Now let’s look at the facts.

We reported .53″ of Rain for the 24 hour period.
Temp. at 7 AM is 57 deg. Look for 61 High and a Chilly 45 low tonight. Cooler on Friday.

Barometer is a Low 29.80″ at 7AM and we are in the grips of a Rain Storm. This should be clearing out some this afternoon and the pressure will Rise some but not a lot before late day Saturday. Hoping for some good Stable pressure next week.

Humidity is 100% and will remain wet today.

Wind is Northwest at 8 mph. Look for 5 to 10 mph today and tonight.

Sky is Overcast. Mostly Cloudy today.

The Summary, Showers ending this morning then Cloudy. High of 61 deg. Tonight Cloudy and Cool with a Low of 45 deg. Friday 20% Shower chances return with 55 deg. High. Have a good day.


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