Posted by: martysweather | January 8, 2010

1/8/2010 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

It’s 11 degrees at 7 AM with a Windchill Factor of 2 deg. High today of maybe 21 or 22 degrees with occasional Light Snow. We recorded slightly less than a half inch of Snow yesterday. Low tonight near 10 degrees. Wind will be painful today. The bulk of yesterdays Snow was to our North and another batch of Snow was to our South but this morning looking on my Front yard and at our Road Frontage I’m thinking we got all we really needed. The story for the next 48 hours will be the Cold and the slick roads will persist through the week end in places. We didn’t make it down the trail to the Barn today. The dogs were not really wanting to venture out and I fell yesterday while I was out back switching over a Propane Tank and I’m sore today but recovering. I had the good sense to not reach out to stop my fall but something has to hit the ground and my shoulder took most of the impact. I’m glad nobody saw me but I guess if I hadn’t been able to get up I would have been a goner because nobody came home for several hours and it was COLD laying on that Snowy frozen tundra. If we survive the weekend Monday through Wednesday will be in the 40’s and Wednesday the upper 40’s. Now for the facts.

We reported 3 tenths of a inch of Snow since the weather folks want it in tenths. It was a little less than a half inch. We’ll have some Flurries today.
Temp.11deg. after a 9 degree Low last night. Maybe 22 today and another near 9 tonight. Not much warmer on Saturday.

Bar.30.25″ and Rising. We’ll have stronger High pressure for a few days so maybe that will help some folks.

Hum.75% but the Cold air is dry. Look for decreasing humidity for a few days. You will likely have some dry skin problems with the Cold, Dry heat in the house, and the wind out doors. No way to avoid it.

Wind NW 7mph and maybe gusting to 15 or 20 mph. That will give us single digit wind chills or worse. Be careful.

Sky Overcast w/Light Snow falling. Not much Sun before Sunday.

The Summary, Today: Scattered flurries. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 22. Northwest wind between 10 and 15 mph. Tonight: Scattered flurries. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 9. Wind chill values as low as -1. North northwest wind around 10 mph. Saturday: Scattered flurries. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 25. Wind chill values as low as -1. North northwest wind around 10 mph.

Stay in if you can. If you go out make sure somebody is aware of where you went. If you fall down in the back yard and can’t get up you’ll die….in about a hour. Have a good one.


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