Posted by: martysweather | January 15, 2010

1/15/2010 @7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Sunshine and warming temperatures for our mid January Friday morning. High today expected to be 55 degrees. Clouds on the increase today and Lows tonight above freezing in the 33 to 35 degree range. Saturday looks Cloudy with Rain chances by the afternoon hours. The temperatures will be above the seasonal norms for several days and the weekend rain should move out for a sunny Monday Holiday. The next 7 days doesn’t look to have any below freezing temperatures so maybe the furnace can get some rest. Outdoors this morning on the Puppy Dog Trail Missy and Benji were pushing hard to extend their morning stroll as the combination of milder air and sunshine was a treat after the previous nearly 3 weeks of freezing cloudy and icy weather. All in all we’re at the mid point in the November through March Cold weather season we have here in Tennessee so it will not be long before we will look forward to things greening up. But….we have a ways to go yet. Still the seed displays and etc. will be going up in the Farm stores soon and it will not be long before the cool season gardening begins. Maybe we won’t have a washout this year and some people can put out some Onions and early Squash. I’m hankering for some Turnip Greens myself. Now let’s look at the facts.

No precipitation to report for the previous 24 hours.
Temp.31deg. and that’s the warmest at this hour we’ve been since Christmas Day. Look for 55 and 35 today. Still looking for more low 50’s on Saturday.

Bar.30.30″ and it’s been a bit up and down the last 24 hours. but we’ll be trending down a bit today and Saturday.

Hum.82% and on the rise as we’ll see clouds develop today and rain chances on Saturday afternoon.

Wind Calm and not a lot of wind expected today. The trend will be back to a more Easterly or Northeasterly direction but still not Cold as the Jet Stream has the real Cold air pushed well to our North for awhile.

Sky Clear this morning but Clouds are on the way.

The Summary, Today: Partly sunny, with a high near 55. Calm wind. Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 35. Calm wind. Saturday: A 30 percent chance of showers after noon. Cloudy, with a high near 53. Northeast wind between 5 and 10 mph.

We have it as good as gets weather wise around here for mid January. Have a good day.


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